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Bellmont Cabinet
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Brenden Doll
I'm a bates student (tacoma) I am in the cabinetry program. Today we visited got a tour from the head foreman, such an awesome work environment. And especially the coolest employees I've ever seen honestly wouldn't mind applying here one day. Two thumbs up
TR Santora
AVOID THIS BRAND. I wish I would have read the reviews before ordering from Bellmont. What a nightmare! Delay after delay with pieces and parts coming in piecemeal over months. I lost my contractor because they had to move on to customers that actually have material to install. Now we find out that the veneer we ordered months ago is no longer available! So, we have some cabinets sitting on the kitchen floor waiting for the rest of them to arrive, which probably won't be in the same veneer, AND we were just told that the most recent date for delivery has been moved out yet another month at the earliest! The constant delays, lack of accountability and lies from the sales rep have been too much.
Josh Klingback
I had two orders with Bellmont. They contacted me with a delivery date of 1-11. The day before the delivery date I received an email saying one of the two orders were delayed to 1-18 but the other order would be delivered as scheduled. I took the day off work and stayed home all day but they never showed or or called. It wasn't until I contacted them the next day they gave me excuses and re-scheduled the first order. The second order has been postponed again from the 18th to the 25 and now postponed beyond that. Their delivery portal pushes the date out further every day and I stopped getting replys from their delivery group when I ask. The rep i purchased through has also asked if we can pick them up ourselves to eliminate the endless delays but for some reason Bellmont can't even make that work.
Hendrik Van Hemert
Hello Hendrik, We apologize for your negative experience. We would be happy to help you! We need some additional information about your specific situation. Please give us a call (800-785-9488) or email us: [email protected] so we can come to a positive solution. Business Hours are: 7am-5pm (PST) We look forward to speaking to you, and resolving this situation.
Bellmont seems to be really struggling with basic logistics. We get emails constantly stating that the order will be delivered when it is not, then we'll randomly get a delivery of one small part or component. It is nearly impossible to keep track of what parts of the order are still outstanding. They are months behind their original, very extended schedule. Buyer beware.
Big Pea
Hello, We apologize for your negative experience. We would be happy to help you! We need some additional information about your specific situation. Please give us a call (800-785-9488) or email us: [email protected] so we can come to a positive solution. Business Hours are: 7am-5pm (PST) We look forward to speaking to you, and resolving this situation.
Would not recommend. Customer service really lacking. My delivery was rescheduled 5 times!!! The first was due to weather (delivery scheduled at Christmas time) so I understood & it was no issue. The second attempt they called like an hour prior to the scheduled delivery time that they were running behind from trying to catch up from the weather delays which I can understand as well. However, the third attempt that was scheduled the following week they didn't even bother calling to say they weren't coming; I had to call them to find out. The 4th attempt, I at least got a call it wasn't happening and the manager Cathy Brockmueller followed up with a voicemail to apologize for their "terrible customer service and our frustrations". I called her back and left a message for her to call me back. She didn't bother to return my call. Finally the day before the 5th attempt, I get a call confirming our delivery window 9-1pm, however, the day of they call to say they are almost at our house over an hour early. I told the delivery guys our contractor had planned his day based upon their delivery time and as my husband and I both had work meetings in the AM no one would be available until 9am. They told me they would unload everything in our driveway instead since no one was there. Yes seriously! I called Bellmont but I assume they weren't open at this time and left a message again for Cathy (she nor anyone else ever bothered returning my call). My husband and I canceled our work meetings to race to the house so the cabinets could be put inside. They have no consideration for people's schedules or time. For the amount of money we spent on these cabinets you'd think they'd have decent customer service and return a phone call. Note I can not speak to the quality of the cabinets at this time as my contractor is installing everything and had a trip planned prior to these delays so they will be installed once he gets back. I'm hoping the cabinets are worth the hassle of dealing with Cathy and the rest of the Bellmont staff but after reading some of the other recent reviews I'm doubtful. Update: I received the automated response from Bellmont. If they truly cared to rectify and hear their customer complaints, I would've received a response back as I've reached out a couple times. Good luck to future customers if purchasing from them.