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Od momentu załadunku paczki do kontenera a faktycznej wysyłki minęło 29 dni. Obsługa klienta mie była w stanie powiedzieć czym to jest spowodowane. Sama przesyłka płynęła przez świat krócej niż trawała jej wysyłka. Dodatkowo oclenie i wycena paczki w Częstochowie (agencja celna Karex) to przygoda na kolejne 3-4 tygodnie. Zero możliwości przyspieszenia formalnośc. generalnie skandal przy zakupach nie polecam jeśli chodzi o czas realizacji i obsługi.
Thank you for your feedback. We take all reviews very seriously and strive to provide quality service at an affordable price to all of our customers. All of our containers arrive to Poland, where customs clearance takes place. Unexpected changes in EU regulations implemented on 1st of July, 2021, which require all EU parcels be individually cleared, resulted in accumulation of packages in Poland. Karex made every effort to notify recipients either via email or text message, depending on which one was provided on the customs declaration form. Also, our online tracking site displays message held in EU customs if a package is detained. This sudden change of regulations and a large accumulation of parcels, with a simultaneous low response of customers to the sent notifications, caused an overload of the company in Poland and, as a result, slowed down the process of parcel clearance. The new situation and the problems resulting from it forced the need to reorganize the clearance process, as well as look for new solutions in the way of collecting documentation, informing the client, and improving the check-in process. These were not issues that could not be solved overnight. We apologize for the inconvenience but are happy that you received your package. The backlog of packages are delivered and we have made adjustments that are resulting in the same quality service as prior to the July EU clearance changes.
Feb. 4, 2022 - Original entry If you are shipping from the US to a destination other than Poland, and if you value your time and energy, then my suggestion is to shop around before deciding to go with this shipping company. The reason being, all shipment from the US with Polonez Parcel Service seems to go through customs clearance in Poland, as opposed to the destination country, and depending on your local customs office this may or may not complicate matters, in my case it did. This, coupled with the fact that these shipments tend to involve your goods going through several entities in different countries, all of whom may not share the same standards of professionalism, nor are consistent in updating the tracking page, etc. can complicate matters. Staying on top of things can prove difficult and result in draining your time and energy, not to mention challenge your patience. In my case, I am in Central Europe, and had boxes shipped to me from the US. So far as I know, this shipment with Polonez involved three legs and four separate entities: UPS --> POLONEZ office in New Jersey --> KAREX (the customs broker in Poland) --> GLS parcel delivery in Europe. All were prompt in their processing and delivery of the boxes with the exception of KAREX. For reasons that remain unclear, once the boxes arrived in Poland, the customs broker there (KAREX) basically forgot them for 8 weeks, during which time there was no update on the tracking page and no response to my emails to them asking for explanation as to the cause of the hold up. Then I grew concerned, and started copying the headquarters office in the US on my emails, and sure enough, KAREX immediately responded. They then provided me with the tax and duty cost, which I should have received 8 weeks prior within days of their receiving the boxes and my declaration forms returned to them. In any case, I deposited the money to their account right away, and they were able to work with me after that and finally get my boxes delivered. In the end, a shipment that was supposed to take 6 to 8 weeks as stated on the US side, ended up taking 13 weeks, and I strongly believe that even that was because of the enormous time and energy spent on my part pushing for a response. An 8 week hold at customs, without so much as notifying the customer the costs, is neither common nor normal! And again, KAREX's reason for this and why they never respond to my initial emails remains unclear. This, of course, leaves one to wonder how long it would have taken, or if the boxes would have ever made it to me, had there not been persistence on my part and had the issue not been escalated to the US headquarters office?! Polonez is after all, an American owned company. Edit Feb. 16, 2022 (In reply to Polonez response of same day) Thank you for the explanation given. If I may, I would like to clarify/suggest a few things: 1) Time frame of shipment could be critical for some customers. In my case clothing and printed material I needed for work was part of the contents. If Polonez was aware of the backlog at KAREX since July, why tell customers at the end of August (which is when my boxes were shipped,) that the shipment would take 6-8 weeks? It is best to give us accurate information, so we can make informed decisions and plan accordingly. 2) KAREX alerting us of possible delays at customs would have been helpful, but that did not happen even though they had all my contacts. They did promptly email me the forms to fill out, which I did and emailed back to them the same day, but after that things went silent for weeks and my emails asking for follow-up went unanswered. 3) The reasoning that 'some customers did not respond promptly, therefore further compounding the backlog at KAREX, which resulted in processing delays even for those who DID respond promptly' is problematic and indicates a system breakdown. Again, in my case, responses to KAREX email were made on the same day received. So, I hope things do get sorted out better in the future as you stated. Thank you.
Jana Schwarz
My package that I sent from Florida, USA on September 8, 2021, is still in Poland! when I sent the package and asked how long it would taje, I was told 6-8 weeks. At the same time, they must have known that this was not true. I am in Europe, taking care of my 80year old mother. So I shipped my personal stuff by Polonez (just one box). I am resident and citizen of the US and I will take everything back to the US with me.On December 1, I was notified that I had to pay custom duties and fill out several forms, including one that I had already filled out. even though everything was my personal belongings, it made no difference and I paid the duties immediately. I never heard from them again!!! I sent several e-mails, no answer, nobody answers the phone. So .... it looks like Ive lost my belongings while paying for them twice. Well done....