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Property Rights Law Firm, P.A.
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Property Rights Law Firm, P.A. reviews

Information about Property Rights Law Firm, P.A.

7 reviews

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Last update: 23.07.2024

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Elvica Sosa
Mr. Stoner is such a great attorney and will fight to the very end to win your case or help with the right settlement for you. Either way, I just wanted to thank you Mr. Stoner, you were great as well Ms. Darlene. Blessings to you guy's!
Amarilys Miranda
The services provided by Mr. Stoner was extraordinary. He won your case. He is very professional, kind, respectful and empathetic. He was always available to answer all of our questions. We recommend him 100%. Darlene his assistant is extraordinary.
Sissy Raffensberger
I retained Mr. Stoner, January 2015, when I realized that my current eminent domain lawyer did not have my best interest, as he was representing me and my current tenants with the eminent domain and business damage cases. Mr. Stoner stepped in immediately and began taking over handling my case. This was not just an eminent domain case with the county. I also had a very bad written tenant lease that could easily allow the tenants to take half of the eminent domain settlement, and they tried very hard to do this. There were several times I would call Mr. Stoner, panicked and stressed over the tenants next move. I was always met with patience and understanding. He always made me feel like he was in full control of the situation, always seemed to know what the tenants next move would be and was always ready to respond. This case was a very hard long battle, with Mr. Stoner succeeding in the end. I am extremely impressed with Mr. Stoners knowledge, work ethics, calm demeanor and mediation skills. I will always be glad I found him and forever grateful for everything he did for me. I dont want to leave out his assistant, Darlene S. She, too, was always quick to respond to any inquiry or request, I made. She is a major asset to the firm and I thank her too, for everything she did to make my case successful. SRaff
Dorothea Clark
It is an honor to recommend The Property Rights Law Firm, P.A. Attorney Greg Stoner and his assistant Darlene Sampson have been extremely professional, knowledgeable, competent and hard-working on my behalf to recover a sizable deposit I had put on a lot and a pre-construction home to be built in Florida. Every step of the way, they explained the process and what I could expect at a particular juncture in the ongoing battle that started in 2008 and has just successfully ended in my favor in 2016. As background, let me share with you: I live in Maryland. My then fiancée lives in the mid-west. We had planned to purchase a retirement home together, most likely in Florida and had looked at some communities on the internet. In late 2007 I had the opportunity to briefly tour one of those communities in Citrus Hills, and it was on that visit that I signed the Purchase Agreement mentioned. I had not intended to purchase at that time, but I did after conferring with my fiancée by phone much to my regret. Unfortunately, my fiancée and I broke up shortly after I made the purchase. I informed the Sales Representative and Management of the construction company of the change in my situation and asked to be allowed to revoke the agreement. I was not getting married and planned to stay in my home in Maryland. After many phone calls, emails, and letters they remained adamant in their refusal to rescind the agreement. Suffice it to say that I was devastated on a personal level because of the break up and foresaw a bleak and troublesome financial future as well unless I was able to cancel the purchase agreement. You may recall that all this was happening at the beginning of the housing collapse and the countrywide financial crisis that resulted. All I could think about was if I had to go through with the purchase and the move, I would have to sell my home at a significantly reduced price due to the housing collapse, and that would put me into certain foreclosure/bankruptcy. And it was not necessary. I had no need at that point to move. It was a time of high stress and despair for me. To be honest, it was also humiliating to know I had put myself in such a position when I had spent my whole life working and saving and being fiscally responsible. Knowing I could go no further on my own, I contacted a law firm to review my case. They referred me to Greg Stoner at The Property Rights Law Firm, P.A., citing his expertise in dealing with deposit recovery cases such as mine. That was in 2008. Mr. Stoner and Ms Darlene Sampson and the staff have worked tirelessly and successfully on my behalf from 2008 until now (2016). I really dont know what I would have done without them. Mr. Stoner assured me after reviewing my case that the law was on my side using the provisions of the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSFDA). I put my trust in him and he did not disappoint. He arranged for me to submit a written deposition rather than having to incur the expenses involved in traveling to Florida to appear in person. Likewise, I was available by telephone for mediation meetings. Having The Property Rights Law Firm, P.A. fight on my behalf was a life-saver for me. I felt that alone I was in an untenable position in my battle with the construction company, but with their legal expertise, I had hope that eventually my situation would work out. And it did, most successfully. I will be ever grateful for their tenacity, judgement, careful and quality work and research of the law that allowed them to win my case with a settlement that includes interest from the time the agreement was made. It was an uphill battle every step of the way, but Mr. Stoner approached the litigation with my best interests in the forefront and fought hard for a judgement that exceeded my expectations. I heartily recommend The Property Rights Law Firm, P.A. to anyone in need of honest, professional, and ever informative quality legal service delivered with integrity!