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John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers
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John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers reviews

Information about John Casablancas Modeling and Career Centers

100 reviews

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Last update: 22.07.2024

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Deirdre Mauk
Deirdre, we are glad that you had a great experience for your photoshoot! We look forward to continued success together and can't wait to see what the future holds!
Very kind and professional! First photoshoot in years! Thank you JC!
Jacqueline Blakely
We always appreciate the opportunity to respond to any and all reviews regarding our business. This is the first we are hearing about the matter, but we will investigate and take prompt action if we uncover something egregious. We apologize for any perceived action or conversation that led you to take offense with one of our staff members. If there is any further information that you would like to pass along, then please email [email protected] so that we may be of service. Thank you and we look forward to your correspondence!
This place not accept any disability that really rude i talk to Hannah on phone I told her Im hard of hearing I tried to hear to understand she talked too fast like as bird then I told her hold on to catch my daugther she hung up and I called back she hung up few time that was so rude .. that place is bad news I read negative reviews please dont waste your money to join that place I dont care they read it or not and you will not be become successful ... I used to be modeling in New York I was young years ago now Im back to become modeling again now this How dare Hannah hang up at me few times at me this really rude she is scam period ..
Bethany P
We always appreciate the opportunity to respond to any and all reviews regarding our business. We are sorry to hear your opinion that you and one of our staff members did not quite see eye to eye. It is always our intention for everyone interested in our services to have a positive experience with our company and our staff members. Upon our initial investigation, we have found some inconsistencies with some of the suggestions that you are making, however we will continue to investigate further. We'd like to offer our sincerest apologies for whatever perceived negative issues transpired because it is always our desire for everyone to have a positive experience with our company. Please reach out to [email protected] so that we can be of further assistance. We look forward to your correspondence!
HORRIBLE! RUDE! DISHONEST! ASHLEY the so called director is the most unprofessional un knowledgeable person I have ever had the unpleasant opportunity to speak with. Not only does she need to get her little attitude problem under control but grow up stop ruining childrens confidence. My daughter had a audition that was virtual due to covid, on the audition Ashley made my daughter show a few poses. (Now I know my daughter is not a professional yet but she was trying her best and was VERY nervous) and the director the one preaching confidence support LAUGHED AT MY DAUGHTER on an audition in from of other talent. I do not know what sad things happened to her that she is resorting to demolishing the confidence and enjoyment my 9 year old daughter gets out of taking pictures, but this was a complete lack of class. Just completely disappointed in this company because we were very excited to get her into classes and build her confidence. Sadly I will be doing this on my own to repair the damage Ashely caused her...
Shawana Watt
Shawana, it is always our intention for everyone affiliated with JC to have a great experience. There are a couple of misleading statements in this review that we want to address. First, we are confused by everything that you are saying. You do not, DO NOT, owe JC $390.00. We are unsure where this figure is coming from as it does not reflect what we are showing in our system. Secondly, members of our corporate office, as well as our local office, have been in consistent contact with you over the past several months. These members have assisted you during these unprecedented times and have attempted and succeeded in accommodating you both from a scheduling standpoint and a financial standpoint. Regardless of these points, we still want everyone to have a great experience with our company. Please reach out to [email protected] so that we may be of further assistance.
I will never ever recommend anyone to this company. I took 1 class paid my $72 dollars, i informed Ashley Bush at the school, in March that i can no longer pay to attend the classes due to my hours being reduced at work from COVID-19. No one ever told me that if i stopped taking classes that i would get a bill sent to my home for over $390 dollars. Im confused on what exactly they want 390 dollars , I never received books or anything from them so why am i going to pay $390 dollars to a company that I one havent even gotten any modeling lessons from. I keep asking for the corporate number and I havent received it. I took one classes and knew This would be a joke. How can you teach modeling online? HOW CAN YOU TELL SOMEONE TO PAY MONEY THAT THEY NEED TO PAY OTHER BILLS. I always wanted to do modeling but they killed my dream. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME . 7/23/2020 They still keep saying I have a balance. I am not paying $290 dollars if I did not receive service. I keep asking for management and no answer. The only person they have sent me to is Tracy and she seems as if she doesnt care about my situation. Like i said dont waste your time with this unprofessional money hungry people 12/1/2020 So they sent my account to the collections because I told them over and over again that Due to COVID i wont be able to continue classes. So they want me to pay $273 dollars . I am not paying nobody anything when i did not receive any books no classes nothing so what am i really paying for? I already paid over $300 for the deposit , i am not paying it sorry yall will have to see me in court because yall are thiefs and Ashley bush who was in charge doesnt even work there anymore so it really shows what a bad company this is
Esmerly De la rosa
Esmerly, thank you so much for all of the lovely things that you said about our business. We are so pleased to learn that you have made friends using our digital platform and that you feel a sense of belonging to the JC family. We so appreciate all of the effort that you put in and we are so excited to see what the future holds!
This has been the greatest experience Ive had. Im not going to lie, at the beginning I was having a bit of doubt. As time went by and each Friday I took my class, my doubts were going away. Ive really grown by being part of the JC family. Ive actually have made friends even tho its online, its been an experience of a lifetime. Im still working and learning from each and everyone of them. I would also like to thank everyone of the coaches, who took the time to teach us everything weve learned. All said if I had the chance to do it again I would.