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Waterdamageelmonte reviews

Information about Waterdamageelmonte

9 reviews
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Alison Davis
I was relieved when my boyfriend and I discovered a water damage restoration firm because the last thing we wanted was another disaster. We called Water Damage Experts of El Monte, who came over right away to take care of all of our needs: they removed all of the dirty water from inside our home, disinfected everything with an antibacterial cleanser for safety's sake, and dried every inch of wetness on contact, preventing mold and mildew growth before it started! They also restored what couldn't be preserved by recovering materials such as carpeting or furniture and, if required, replacing the flooring.
Lucille Freeman
The water from my study room was so dirty, and it smelled like wet paper. The smell made me think that there must be a lot of humidity in there, too, because I had never noticed how bad it smelt before until now. We decided to call Water Damage Experts of El Monte because they have experience with all kinds of flooding situations, not just flood damage but also mold problems, which we were worried about getting rid of next! They took care to disinfect everything affected by the disaster and protect against future messes--I feel much safer knowing this company will always come through for us when our house has any type of problem whatsoever.
Alfred Murphy
These guys are reliable and highly professional. I called them on a Friday night with concerns about our bathroom flooding, and they had their technicians come the next day to inspect the extent of the damage. They gave us an estimate right then that we were happy with, so it was easy for me to get started on repairs immediately! Their work is completed as promised every timeI never have any complaints about this company because they've always done what's needed in my home without delay or complications like mold growth warnings too!
Thomas Brock
The harsh winter that happened last month caused water damage in our home, mainly on the ceilings. We called up this company from their website when my husband found out about the mold, not just water damage! The detailed assessments helped me understand what needed to be repaired before going ahead with anything else (they were very systematic). This is why I am pleased with them because all services rendered are satisfactory so far.
Marshall Jackson
Water Damage Experts of El Montes technician skills and experience with water damage made him the perfect serviceman to come over. He assessed the situation quickly before removing the damaged materials, drying out any areas that needed attention underneath my home, and keeping me up-to-date on what he found during his workday. I'd recommend this company for anyone who needs a quick response from people you can depend on!