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TBG Uniforms
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TBG Uniforms reviews

Information about TBG Uniforms

78 reviews

The opinions come from external websites

Last update: 12.07.2024

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Phlebo Tomist
Is true that they are really rude and nasty. One time I went there and one of the lady's tell me that I cannot touch anything because her boss don't like it. And always that I go to that store I always spend more than $150 in 3 scrabs. They need new workers in there.
Dodica Dowding
Hello, we took your review into consideration and reviewed our surveillance footage. We found this response to be inconsistent with what actually transpired on 4/11/2022. Upon entering the store our beautiful sales associate asked you if you needed assistance and you paid no heed to her. She asked you again if you needed any assistance and you finally told her you were looking for jogger scrubs. She showed you the many different styles we have. You took a look at one of the price tags and asked her for a less costly jogger for $14. She showed you were it was located and you insisted a former sales associate found it somewhere else. Our sales associate explained to you that we dont have them at that location and you continued to insist and dismissed her yet again. There was an exchange of words about you being rude to her however, at no point during our encounter with you was the sales associate ever rude to you or did she refuse to help you. Your blatant disregard for our beautiful sales associate and disgruntled behavior was totally uncalled for. We were very appalled to watch your behavior in our store. As a representative of the healthcare profession you need to acquire compassion and understanding. That said, I am not sure why you were so disgruntled in the first place because our beautiful sales associate made every effort to satisfy you despite you ignoring her several times. As you may not know at TBG, we have a large customer base that begs to differ. We strive to provide pristine customer service to ensure all our customers are satisfied. Please see our reviews below. Thank you! TBG Management.
I've been to this store a few times everytime I go to this store it's someone new"they never want to help and they are so rude I was there on 04/11/22 I ask the worker a few questions her attitude was not good !so I ask are you in a bad mood today she said no I said well u you are very rude and if this is the way you speak to your customers it's not a good thing I was about to pay for items when she continued to ignore me. I said to her you can cancel the items I have! her response was that's fine by me what a Beautiful young lady with a nasty attitude .
Chrisanna Nugent
Hello Chrisanna Nugent, We have a large customer base that begs to differ. Whom come to shop with us repeatedly. We carry high performance scrubs at affordable prices and offer stellar customer service at which we have received many thanks and praise for. Please see our reviews below. It is unfortunate that you are disgruntled. We took this incident into consideration and reviewed our surveillance cameras. We found that the information you provided in your review is untrue. When you entered our store, the sales associate was on the phone assisting with a phone order and told you to hang on a minute whilst she was busy. You then decided to leave our store. Best, TBG Uniforms INC. Management Team
Im never goin back to this store. I have went to this store numerous times and every time I went it was someone new and they were all rude. First off they didnt want to help and had a whole attitude when u asked for help. 1/3/22. This older lady was on her phone chatting and had a whole attitude