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Brenda Jones
Brenda, We're sorry that you feel this way and would like further information about your experience so that we could better serve our customers in the future. Feel free to respond here or give us a call at 913-621-3200
They were all rude and disrespectful UMP! UMP! UMP!
Nicki Nicole
Nicki, we cannot discuss specific situations via online reviews or in public due to privacy and security. We would be happy to discuss your individual situation in person or over the phone. Feel free to contact us at 913-621-3200. Just to clarify your statement regarding Credit Motors, we are not part of them nor are we affiliated with them in any way. Recently we expanded and took over their previous location but we are completely different ownership and processes.
The experience to me was terrible, they don't seem to be very organized nor do they seem to want to get you into a vehicle, althoughthey sure wanna get your money.... Though I have the income now, a co signer and trade in worth more then some of the cars I seen on the lot, they turned me down claiming " income didn't match up to requirements" but didn't allow me to add income, as I started a new gig which would cover more then enough for the monthly payments especially since the cars aren't that much, or be willing to work with me as other lots would as to not lose business... They have a few other lots I heard, with one being credit motors and I know for facts through ppl who has bought cars from them that they scam ppl and charge way too much for used cars an dnt approve "certain" ppl. I feel like if they are in the market of gaining business, they would be more then willing to help ppl like me who are in dire need of transpo an would definitely make my payments because I don't get cars only to have them repoed knowing I need one, like duh! Anyways, I think their prejudice for real because they were quick to get me off the phone when I called inquiring about my application status since noone called back to let me know (all I see mostly are essays in the dealership) thought we're supposed to help one another not just a particular race . Anyways it's all good, I been looking at other dealership and hopefully will get transpo soon (sigh)....any suggestions?
Nicole Barnett
We greatly appreciate your review and feedback. You're correct we do not show prices on our vehicles for a multitude of reasons. Please realize that just because we don't post prices it is not a reflection of our product and service and encourage you to look past this to see what we have to offer. Thanks again!
I don't mind interacting when I'm ready but being the sniveling con that won't give prices online without forcing people to talk to you to get the price says plenty. Will go elsewhere
Shar Williams
Well it's easy to be a great dealership when you have great customers! Thanks for everything Shar, we love you!
Complete Autos goes above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied. I have been a customer for 10+ years. I have referred several friends and family members and they all are very happy with their experience at this dealership. Thanks for everything, especially my latest edition.
Brian Brackett
Thank you, Brian! We appreciate your kind words and look forward to continuing to provide you the 5 star service you're accustom to!
Very nice environment, everyone is very friendly and I felt that it's completely up front about the deal. This was my second time purchasing a vehicle and the folks here are great. If you don't have much for a down payment or getting turned down everywhere else.. I bought a 2008 Edge, 3yr loan $220 by weekly 18% (everyone gets the same rate) I think this was a great rate considering my terrible credit. A year later, I paid $800 down, and got a 2005 F150 King Ranch for only $20 per month more!! and the same rate and loan term and a FULLY Warranty !! and parts were replaced before I first looked a the truck. I will NOT buy from anywhere else.. no BS !! Thank you Complete Auto Sales !!!