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Catherine Parke
What an awesome review Catherine. Definitely got to come visit when you're in town. I wish you all the best!
I boxed at Johns Gym for three months in the fall of 2021. Ive moved cities since then, and just took my first boxing class at another gym. Lets just say, I did not know how good I had it at Johns Gym!! I cannot say enough good things about the place, but Ill try to sum it up here. I was so nervous when I walked into class on my first day. Id never boxed in my life and didnt know the first thing about the sport, but I went anyways because I felt a strong pull towards it. That first class changed my life. Ernesto (low key one of the best humans on Earth) pulled me to the side and showed me the basics. The first time I heard the slap of my glove hitting his, I knew I was hooked. I could feel it in my whole body, the feeling of pent up anger and tension being dissolved and released. Ernesto was so incredibly patient and enthusiastic and thorough. He is such a damn good teacher. Leaving class that first day, I felt like a different person, like a whole new part of me had been activated. I felt stronger and tougher and more confident, and as a woman, that was a big deal. I could even feel myself walking differently after that day, faster and more upright. Over the next three months, I fell more and more in love with the sport. Ernesto and Roger gave me so much guidance and encouragement, and helped me improve fast. I got in the ring and sparred with them and my other classmates every Saturday. It was scary at first and then fun and then unbelievably thrilling. I could literally feel myself turning into a cooler version of me. By the end of my time there, I was helping teach new people the basics. This was hugely motivating and validating. These classes became the best part of my life, and undoubtedly put me on a path toward knowing myself better and being a more self assured person. I cannot thank yall enough. I wish I could take Johns Gym and Ernesto and Roger and the whole crew with me to every new city I move. Alas, Ill just have to come visit.
William Kim
Thank you for the kind review Liam.
Much more of a homey feel environment compared to other gyms I have been to. Ive always felt welcomed by all the coaches, especially Coach Ernesto. He is a fantastic boxing coach and anyone would be lucky to have him. The kids here are great and living so close by it only makes sense to train here. Lucky to be here!!
Zach Orrison
Thank you for the review Zach
Great facilities and even better coaches. Great combination of learning and exercise, would highly recommend to anyone new or experienced already.
Jeffre Few
Thank you for the review Jeffre
This place has a great energy to it with many welcoming teachers and members. Would highly recommend for anyone either just starting or returning to the MMA scene.
Natalie Ramat
Thank you for your awesome review Natalie! We feel the same way about you and so happy you decided to train here
There aren't enough good things i could say about this gym. I've been training BJJ for almost 9 months now, and i feel the time I've put in is invaluable. The coaches and teammates have made me feel so welcomed and comfortable from my very first class. All of the coaches take their time and make sure EVERYONE understands what's being taught, and all of my teammates couldn't be more encouraging. I feel like I've gained a second family, and i couldn't imagine training anywhere else