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Fibre Federal Credit Union
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Fibre Federal Credit Union - reviews

Information about Fibre Federal Credit Union

58 reviews
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Jose C
I started w 1 small business account here to try Fiber, I was BLOWN away by the knowledge and help I continue to receive specifically from Carrie Sloan, because of her alone she single handedly earned my business to now 7 different active business accounts and growing. she is extremely efficient and knows all the ins and outs of her branch. I've been in other times when she wasn't their and their is a big difference on knowledge and what the systems can and cant do. as long as Carrie is employed a large portion of my business will remain at Fibre.
Andy’s World
We will share your feedback with management.
Seriously update your app .. who knew an app needed the weekend off from updates.. banking information is inaccurate for weeks!! Seriously get with the times
michele lambertselston
I have been with Longview Fibre Credit Union over twenty years.. They have a wonderful staff always ready to assist. I recently had to make a car purchase. Andrea did the impossible. I needed to have the paperwork processed in one day due to it being the end of the year. The car dealership and Andrea processed the Paperwork and I had my car delivered the same day from Beaverton Or. due to Andreas quick and hard work. Im a senior, and I could never have accomplished much without her effort and hard work. Thank you Longview Fibre Credit Union.
Ty keele
We're sorry you had a bad experience, Ty. We will share your feedback with management.
The absolute worse place to bank at. Honestly I don't expect this credit union to ever do anything that will benefit me because every time I have tried they haven't. Yet I still use them for direct deposits and really don't deal with them on anything else. I use their mobile app that crashes all time like it did again today to myself and a coworker. I've had to reset my username and password so many times now I forget what they are. I call to get help from customer service but who I am I kidding. I swear its their goal to give the worse experience to their customers as possible. I can give them detailed info about who I am but by God if you don't remember the last purchase you made and when and where it was at plus the exact total then good luck retrieving any info. Next step is to inconveniently email photos of picture I.D. to prove who I am because apparently what I spend my money on is the only other way they can ID me. This was only after I had to wait for 20 minutes to talk to someone but that was actually pretty quick for them compared to their usual answer times. This is my second 1 star review and honestly the place doesn't even deserve that. I just hope people see this and go other places to bank at, learn from my horrible experiences.
Amy Sanders
First, this comment is in response 2 the comment Andy's world made about having to wait in line 40 minutes. I've been banking Fibre Federal for 2 years now and I can say with all certainty that they do care and go out of their way to accommodate the needs of their members. Personally I would not Bank anywhere else. And I highly doubt you waited in line for 40 minutes. Just saying
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