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Jessi Giles
thank you Jessi! We are so glad to have you as a customer! Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can help in any way at all!
I had a wonderful experience here. It was nice to have so many options and just the friendliness I found in there. I will be continuing to do business here. Amazing customer service
Asia Payne
The reason that we were highly recommended is because we Care, we value our customers and try VERY hard to give the absolute best customer service possible to each and every customer. That was no different here. We tried everything that we could to please this customer. We offered to do the item for no charge and she refused. We did not promise her a time that it would be ready, at all. We DID communicate with the customer that brought it in, Several times. She was told when she brought it in that we would do our best to get it done in her time frame but we could not promise a date. We are a small shop with only one person working the embroidery department, and that person works 50-60 hours per week. Plus, it is Christmas season. I was unaware that the customer came in to pick the item up. Yes, I was in my office, so I never saw her. I was not trying to ignore her or to be unprofessional, I was simply working. As much, I would like to, I am not always able to speak to every single customer that walks in. I can guarantee that I upheld myself to the highest professional standard in dealing with this customer. She called us on the phone and immediately started yelling and using curse words, so I simply hung up. I will not be talked to that way. It is just a shame that bogus, one sided, twisted reviews are allowed.
This place was highly recommended, but unfortunately left me SUPER disappointed. I do not live in GA, but I had my husband's graduation stole mailed in to a friend to take to this place to have it embroidered. Again, it was highly recommended and I do not have any local shops near me. I was told it should only take a week, but it is possible to receive it the next day. Well after a week of waiting and checking in, Brenda informed us that she was diligently working on it and that it would be finished by the day before Thanksgiving, which was now a week and a half after it was originally dropped off. Here we are today, a full 2 weeks, and my friend walked in to pick it up and the stole was COMPLETELY UNTOUCHED. The stole was important to us because we wanted it to represent my husband's major accomplishments while being an active duty soldier. I am extremely disappointed, and would have been more understanding had we gotten some sort of communication about the chain of events. Brenda also did not even have the courtesy or professionalism to come out of her office to speak to my friend to apologize or even explain what happened. 0/10 recommend!! Update: She is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!! She hid her reviews on Facebook, so I brought it to Google.
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