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Jacob Ellena
Thank you Jacob for your kind review. Your positive experience with us is our number one goal!
Had DSP Audio add a new head unit and dash cams to my vehicle. They were very attentive to my questions and the install looks great!
D Turner
I'm glad we had a chance to win you back and provide you with our five star service. Thank you for giving us another chance.
I had an initial issue and Eddy called me personally within hours to apologize and correct the issue and get the work done. I appreciate good customer service
It was a pleasure working with you and upgrading your car. I hope you enjoy your custom bass knob and the rest of your system.
Great Service! Professional! Quality Work! DSP has installed audio systems on two of my cars and I will go back again.
A Butler, Sr
You are absolutely right when you said you were our number one priority. Every client that comes to us deserves the attention and detail that we offer. Thank you for your review!
So, let me start with the end for those who don't like the long version: Great small business, professional and personable. Staff was a pleasure. Products installed and supported fully. Felt like I was their only priority. Highly recommend! Long version - Researched this company to get a quality after market stereo which added Android Auto and Navigation to my Santa Fe Turbo SUV. Settled on DSP due to their proximity to work and the way Ms Jessica assisted me during an initial call. Scheduled vehicle for upgrade and during the scheduling visit was educated on the options. They didn't try to upsell me and took time to understand what I wanted. Decided on the Sony XAV-AX150. (Great choice, it handled jazz to DJ Jazzy Jeff mixes with outstanding clarity and more power!!) The day of installation was hassle free. During the final testing there was a connection issue with USB. DSP made no excuses and were ready to fix right then. I had to leave and scheduled a follow up appointment. Fast forward to the second appointment... Went even smoother than first day, I even got my two windows tinted beautifully. My system looks great, sounds better and was very reasonable cost wise. These guys lived up to the hype and made me happy to patronize them. #E3Recommended
Tyler Lefebvre
Tyler, I want to start by apologizing for not meeting your expectations. You requested us to build you a custom subwoofer enclosure in which I told you I needed your vehicle a minimum of 48 hours. Since we are not open 24 hours I assumed that you knew to pick up your car Wednesday morning which you did. I told you that I may need it longer. I remember you said and I quote "figures crossed hopefully not". I was under the impression that I at least had the 48 to create this enclosure and install your amplifier and front speakers. A well known company called JL Audio requires 7 days to build a fiberglass enclosure alone. We had two days. You called us on the second day several times to get a time frame on your car when speaking to Jessica. I then decided to stop work on your vehicle to speak to you about why a project like this requires this much time. I told you that we could not rush this process because chemicals are involved. These chemicals take time to cure and we have to use proper PPP to protect our lungs. All of which takes time. As far as access to your trunk, we could have addressed that for you. Due to product shortages, getting products can be difficult in a timely manner. Your appointment was completed 8 days prior to receiving your last email in which you wrote "Thanks for the prompt response, maybe I didnt notice it was torn until now because Im giving that area so much attention. I believe you and Ill take care of it no worries. Looking forward to hearing back when the grille is in stock. Thanks! " This was in response to the acquisition that we damaged your trunk strap, which we did not, and to let you know the grill was ordered and we were waiting to get delivered to us since at the time it was on backorder. You have the right to be angry about the delay but we have the right not be belittled and disrespected. After the repeated insults from you and I merely told you that when you calm down please call us back. Customer service is important to us and I never want to have these exchanges with my clients. When you called back I scheduled you two days from today and asked you what issues you had with us? You then told us about the grill and the spare tire access. You then informed us you ordered it on your own. I cannot control who Rockford Fostgate decides who's orders to fill first. As you stated above the quality of the work was good and the issues you had could have been addressed but you decided to call back, cancel your appointment and threaten us with a one star review. We will do better in the future with estimating time frames and that is why I called you even after this review to help you understand how to install the grill since your choosing not to come in. I still now will like to extend that service to you. I hope you have a chance to read this and understand we only want the best for our clients. If you would to see this project follow this link:!1s0x89b7cf1cabcdc40f%3A0xbecff169015dca22!3m1!7e115!!5sdsp%20audio%20and%20video%20-%20Google%20Search!15sCgIgARICEAE&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNT3tpqoPGholm1SqGJR0uRMMQOKiw5tUk1siOT&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjNqIPd5KbyAhUVQjABHfvPCt8QoiowFXoECGgQAw Sincerely, Eddy Lamour Owner of DSP Audio and Video
I hired Eddy to install an amp/sub/speaker & specified I need access to my spare tire to remain unobstructed and a grille cover to protect the sub. I was told it was taking longer and when I was unable to extend my rental car I requested to wait for my vehicle but was confronted over phone by Eddy saying I was rushing him, even though I verified prior that my rental timeframe was correct, it was very rude. I adjusted my schedule, ordered a $40 Uber, and arranged a ride the next day. Day of pickup I was charged $2000+ prior to inspection and discovered the job was not completed as requested ; access to my spare tire was obstructed and the protective grille cover was left out. Eddy talked on his bluetooth as we reviewed the job, glossed over the spare tire cover, and said he didn't have the grill in stock. I ended up fixing the spare tire cover myself and sent an email asking to complete the grille cover. After 2 weeks, no solution. I called and was given the run around saying they maybe did or didn't have it, that things are back ordered (not true, I ordered the grille myself & it came in 2 days & found it was impossible to install, the speaker was sealed). When I got Eddy on the phone he ultimately argued with me and hung up on me. I called back to schedule the completion, he said I'd need to leave the vehicle. Initially for 35min, then 1hr, then 2hrs... I cancelled the appointment because I dont trust him and he treated me terribly on the phone. Eddy had 2 weeks to make it right and I was the one reaching out to him to correct this, never him to me. He never apologized for anything in fact he made it seem like I was an inconvenience and refused to acknowledge the issues in the end. UPDATE : Eddy tells untruths below. I didn't "threaten" a 1 star review, I informed Jessica he would be receiving one after he hung up on me. He immediately called when I posted the review, ultimately arguing more and calling me disrespectful. I didn't say "fingers crossed, I hope not". They specifically confirmed "Mon to Tues before 5pm" as a timeframe. Also, 48 hours is 2 days (mon-tues, not mon-wed). I never threw repeated insults at Eddy. I never called him a name nor cussed at him, still haven't. The only time I did something that might "insult" him was in the call where he hung up on me - he said "I don't understand why your'e unsatisfied and why you think the job is incomplete". I described how that question is itself insulting because the whole point of the call was to schedule him to finish the job, which he should've done in the first place. I reminded him all the above, in between each topic, he kept repeating that he didn't understand. He was unwilling to acknowledge nor listen to me. So, after the 5th or 6th time he said "I don't understand" I said "repeat after me, obstructed spare tire cover" & he hung up saying disrespectful... It was the most bizarre customer service I've experienced. It's like ordering a pepperoni pizza and receiving a cheese pizza 2 hours later but the chef is like "I don't get why your'e unsatisfied" and every time you point out the missing pepperoni & tardiness he's like "I still don't understand" and throws his hands up. What he's right about is him not meeting my expectations; I expected him to complete the job I hired him to do, with the specifics discussed, and to do it in the time frame he said he would do it.
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