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Jarome Kirkland
The doctor is knowledgeable; he is adequate for sure. No problem with the actual work they do with exam process and diagnosis. In the three years that my family have been coming here the staff have not been known to be overly accommodating or polite. The staff members can sometimes be a little short or preoccupied; sometimes seeming inconvenienced by questions. Overall; it could be worse but some room for improvement also.
Joe Mathers
First of all sir you was not waiting on me.. You have to be prescreened before I see you.. And you was not prescreened yet.. You did not wait over 10 minutes past your appointment time. If it always felt like a burden, there are several other optometrists for you to complain to. And if you want to be rushed through like a factory, Im sorry we dont do that here..
Have been going there for years, always felt like a burden but today was enough. watching the ( doctor) on his cellphone in plain site of the lobby while I waited past my appointment was the final straw, it was clear my time had no value to him. Next time they stare at the phone waiting for it to ring,,, yeah thats me!!!
JoBonna Hicks (Bonna)
Had an amazing experience with the staff of 20/20 Vision, I was able to look at every single frame I wanted and was helped with choosing a style I liked. The Doctor was very personable and kind, he answered all my questions and concerns. It had been well over 3-4 years since I had seen an optometrist and wanted to be sure everything was healthy. They went above and beyond and Ill be staying with this practice.
First of all, your insurance was not over billed by me or my office. I have the right to price my exams and whatever price that I decide. For example, if I wanted to charge $300 dollars for an exam, I can because I own the business. I do not charge patients the same as I would charge insurance companies because I choose to give discounts for patients paying out of pocket (ie $99.00). So therefore insurances companies are billed the regular price. Which is perfectly legal to give discounts to whomever and whenever I choose. I see u have left over a 1000 reviews in the last few months.. You obviously need to get a life.
Over billed insurance for a office visit. 229.00 ridiculous. Edit. My wife told the receptionist we would be paying cash and we would file the claim ourselves... You, in fact, charged her 60.00 of which you only offered to give back 30.00...will not be back