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Tara Crossan
Like many others who have shared their experience with customer service and billing, I subscribed for one month of digital access just so I could get access to one article. There was no other option (like to just pay for the one article) I was charged for that month and within two hours I cancelled so I wouldnt be charged again the following month. When cancelling online the website instructs you to fill out a form. I did fill out the form and received an email confirmation that I had requested to cancel on May 12th. Two hours later they responded and confirmed I was cancelled! I thought nothing more of it until June 12th when I was charged again. I sent a follow up email to that email thread requesting info/ refund/ help again 3x with no response so I decided to call. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with the most useless representative who didnt seem to know how customer service operates or even how to formulate any type of an apology. He went around in circles and blamed me for not cancelling sooner? Lol. I told him I cancelled the same day I signed up and he aggressively said I should have called instead of emailed he said that I paid for one month and well why would I sign up for one month if I didnt need it? (Seriously, who the heck do they have working for them?) I told him I paid for one month when I initially signed up in May. I cancelled in May. Why would I authorize a 2nd month worth of charges? We went around and around. He claimed he processed a refund approximately 15 minutes later and never apologized or provided confirmation. Im doubtful itll occur. I tried calling the Raleigh branch where the newsroom actually is and they have 0 options to get ahold of anyone who can assist. What a terrible scheme they have running here to continually charge people and then have the worst 3rd party managed call center to assist customers.
Gee Mail
DO NOT SUBSCRIBE - They will re-subscribe you without your consent and charge you for papers you never got, then without any communication will send to collection agency, THEN months later contact you saying you owe MORE!?!?!?! The most crooked dishonest and dirty newspaper I have ever come across in 7 states I have lived in.
Please reply if there are other ways I can support local journalism. I wish I had read the reviews here before signing up. In 4 weeks I didn't once receive delivery despite calling and emailing and being assured that they would fix the issue. Then when I cancelled they sent this message, "We are sorry to hear that despite our efforts to keep you as a valued customer, still, you have decided to cancel your subscription." Your efforts? I never received the product I purchased. That's a pretty low standard to meet.
Dusty Lane
Support Local Journalism! But DON'T SUPPORT the News and Observer! This is a subscription scam! You will pull your hair out after dealing with these crooks. They destroy your spirit in local journalism. Don't even get a free, or limited subscription, it is a scam!!! I'm trying to save you precious time and money with this review. Trust me I never leave reviews, but this organization just killed my patience, respect, good nature, and I don't want them to do the same to you!