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Ron Mack
The only convenience is for them! Ill be throwing away all of my recyclables in my trash unfortunately. I already pay for that. Im not paying another $155.00 per year to recycle!
Erica Rascon
This listing says it closes at 7pm. I arrived at 5:30pm and was told it was closed, and was never open that late. She was nice enough, but this info is misleading.
Bev P
RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! I went from paying $0.00 in 2016 when I moved to Newton Co. Then $55 in 2017 and now $155 for supposedly the use of all facilities. Also paying property taxes like every other citizen. Why can't they place someone at the front entrance who has better interpersonal and customer service skills??? I will NEVER return to this location!! MAH!
Melissa Jennings
I have used the recycling centers since I moved to Newton county 22yrs ago. I have repeatedly asked for the recycling of tin cans, Styrofoam & plastic bags (Walmart, grocery stores, etc). It falls on deaf ears. It seems there is a good old boys network as far as who gets the contract for our waste. We don't collect & sell to the places that actually want our recycled materials, we contract that out. It's no wonder that we have to pay individually as well as property taxes used for it , we're paying someone to take our refuse & sell it!! He's getting paid twice! Wish I could get a government contract & use that to make more money!! Beyond that, the hours are continually cut. Forget about Sundays if you work 6 days a week like my husband (I have to take it all off & am disabled so no east feat!). Then they're also closed on Mondays & EVERY holiday. Pfft, government for ya...It's barely cheaper than a garbage service but if you care about actually recycling, you have to do it this way bc I have yet to find a haul off service that actually recycles. In order to pay the county fee I no longer deposit my cans at the center. I take my cans, metal, copper & tin cans to a true recycling company in Porterdale that pays ME for my refuse. I take bags & Styrofoam to Publix. If it weren't for all the plastics, I would probably just have a pick up service. Just my take on the situation & my work-arounds to deal with the cost (went up $10/yr to $155+/- in 2018). I live next to Oak Hill Rd site yet have many neighbors who have started the pick up service. It has resulted in rat problems in our subdivision because the rats from the center have figured out that there's garbage sitting around in bins for a week at a time. Not to mention racoons, fox, opossums, coyote, etc have all figured it out too. Has created an unsafe atmosphere for children who are often the ones who's chore is to take out the garbage. Not to mention when a family's garbage bin is overflowing by day 4....and we have multiple garbage companies with trucks on the road, holding up traffic & tearing up subdivision roads. It's a give & take but definitely needed. I just hate I pay twice in the form of fees & again in property taxes, trust me, I asked!
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