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Charles Y. Jones
Charles, thank you for the glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that you've had a fantastic experience working with our team in Philadelphia. We appreciate your trust in 1Digital Agency for your eCommerce needs.
Working with the team at 1Digital Agency has been fantastic. It's clear they really know their stuff when it comes to eCommerce. Especially compared to other agencies we've worked with. They’ve turned our website into something visually impressive and super functional, which wasn't easy. They always seemed to have a new trick up their sleeve to make our online store even better. Honestly, they’ve gone above and beyond what we hoped for. Our sales have seen a real boost thanks to their focus on strategies that actually deliver results. I'd definitely suggest 1Digital Agency to anyone looking for seriously good eCommerce support.
Lance Pemble
Hello Lance, thank you for your 5-star review! We're glad Sam could assist you, and we appreciate your feedback. Should your circumstances change, we'd be honored to work with you. Best regards from 1DIGITAL AGENCY, Philadelphia.
Have spoken with Sam a few times regarding hiring his company to fix some Google Merchant Center issues that I was have. He explained a very straight forward approach that he and his team would take to solve the issue. I have the utmost confidence that they would have us taken care of in no time! At this current time, being a small business that is experiencing some downs in our current market we made the decision not to use he and his team at right now. After explaining this to Sam, he went a step further and provided me some alternative options to solve our issue that may be a better option for us in our situation. Super impressed with my interactions with he and this team, am hoping that down the road I have an opportunity to work with them!
Areen M
It's unfortunate this client feels this way, we bent over backwards to try to accommodate this person, but he breached his contract for 6 months with us and didn't pay his bills. So it's unfortunate we have a disgruntled client, but this individual didn't honor his contractual agreement or pay his bills.
In September 2022, my journey into e-commerce hell began when I chose 1Digital Agency to build our BigCommerce site. Seduced by their reasonable pricing and promises to meet my detailed requirements, I expected professionalism and efficiency. What followed was nothing short of a nightmare. Mismanagement from Day One: The project kicked off with a glaring red flag—their project manager was utterly clueless about our meticulously detailed requirements. This lack of communication from the sales team set the tone for the entire project. A Black Hole of Time and Money: The project, which was supposed to take 2-3 months, dragged on with no end in sight. The design team's incompetence was so profound that I was compelled to hire an external designer to show them what a professional site should look like. $10,000 vanished into the abyss of designing a homepage alone, a testament to their reckless disregard for budget and timelines. Lack of Accountability and Skill: As the project meandered through its eighth month without substantial progress, it became evident that 1Digital was more interested in racking up billable hours than delivering results. Their overseas developers, disconnected from our objectives, and local team, adept at saying "we can't do that," formed a symphony of ineptitude. Empty Promises and Ultimatums: When I finally demanded intervention from higher-ups, the CEO’s promises were as empty as the progress reports. The switch to a fixed-cost contract and assurances of priority were mere placations. As deadlines became a joke, our project was relegated to the back burner, further delayed by their abysmal prioritization and execution. A Complete Breach of Trust: Fast forward to January 2024, 1Digital demanded the final payment without fulfilling their contractual obligations or providing a functioning site. Their refusal to offer the standard 30-day bug fixes post-launch was the final straw, breaching our contract and eroding any remaining trust. Legal Woes and a Warning: Our relationship with 1Digital Agency has now devolved into a legal battle, a path I never wished to take. But it's a necessary step to prevent this unscrupulous company from inflicting similar harm on others. Do Not Make Our Mistake: I implore any small or medium-sized business looking to venture into e-commerce to steer clear of 1Digital Agency. Their operation, plagued by mismanagement, incompetence, and a blatant disregard for client success, is a recipe for disaster. Let our experience be a warning: choosing 1Digital Agency could spell the ruin of your e-commerce dreams.
Max Levin
Thank you for taking the time to review us! Your support means the world to us 💚
Comprehensive and tailored SEO approach. Transparent and kept us in the loop throughout the process. Thank you!