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Place your brand on Google Maps

Karol Bocheński
15/09/2020 | 4 min read
Place your brand on Google Maps

Table of contents

    Virtually anything can be rated on Google Maps. Literally any single thing you can image. Adding opinions about a ticket machine or even bus stop is nothing new for the Internet users nowadays. Conclusion? Nothing slips away the attention of modern consumers who know well what a search engine is.


    Customer opinion is like a book cover of your company


    That's why your company should take care of positive opinions on Google and appearing high in search results. An undecided user or a potential customer, checks whether the company has positive reviews on the Internet, before deciding to try new services. What are the steps that should be taken to increase the likelihood that your service will be chosen? Above all, make sure you get as many positive ratings as possible! One star is definitely not a good advertisement for your business. Therefore, it is crucial to take effort to get as many stars as we can. Positive ratings will help with better SEO results of your brand amongst the competition and aid you to attract new customers. What if there is a negative feedback? Can unflattering opinions be removed?


    Negative opinion - can the company remove it?


    Generally adding opinions is very easy. There is no need for any prior verification before posting it, so brands may be unfairly judged. Even people who have not used our services before can rate us! What we should do in that case? If you suspect that your business has been the victim of a false review, you can log in to the "Google My Business" panel where you can report the undesirable review. You can also try to contact Google directly describing the whole situation. The most important thing to remember is to monitor all opinions that your company gets. Both the positive and negative. There are tools on the internet to help us track all of this. One of them for instance is the Rating Captain offer, which thoroughly analyzes the issued opinions.


    google opinie


    Can every opinion be removed?


    The answer is no. I think it is worth quoting a truism here: "the customer is always right". If the user has expressed negative feedback in a constructive way, the best way to resolve this issue is simply to talk. Communication, apologies and questions about a problem may end up with the client giving our brand a second chance. They will be glad that someone listened to him, empathy could be the right way.


    Opinions on Google Maps and your company's website


    Make the most of your positive reviews. Unlike other review portals, Google reviews can at ease be used on your website. The so-called testimonials will certainly encourage undecided customers to try out your services. After all, nothing seems so encouraging as the positive opinion of another consumer. The other reviewing portals reserve the right to use the opinions on their websites. Therefore, focusing on the proper Google reviews management is one of the most rational options.


    Google my business is the key to a positive company image


    Using Google reviews on your website can be extremely helpful. However, the thing that I would like to emphasize most throughout this text is the essence of taking care of your Google My Business composed of user reviews on Google. In times of constant rush, one more click forcing the customer to enter our website may turn out to be one click too many, so called ‘one click away’. The first thing we will see after typing the name of a restaurant, company or hotel will be its rating on the Google My Business. This is where our first opinion is formed and we decide whether we still want to look for more information about a given place. If a restaurant has an average rating of 3.5 and the other one 4.5, will we even consider visiting our previous choice? The answer seems very simple. That is why we strongly recommend to monitor all opinions and encourage users to post them. They have a real impact on the customer's decision in choosing our brand.

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