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Black Friday Hot Deals in Rating Captain

Karol Bocheński

Rating Captain is an app that will help you to gain feedback from your customers. Thanks to AI our application analyzes various data, searches the web for brand mentions and distinguishes positive from negative opinions. Using it you can check reviews about your company much easier and faster. You will also learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your business. In this way, you will gather the necessary knowledge to optimize the company's actions in different areas.


Are you an entrepreneur, you run an e-commerce, or maybe you operate offline or in the B2B industry? See what promotion we have prepared for you.


The benefits of the Rating Captain app

The app gets positive feedback from real customers. At the same time, it analyzes negative comments on the web, which helps companies to identify crucial errors.



  • Obtaining feedback easily from your customers on opinion-forming portals.
  • Sending invitations to customers for some feedback after purchase. Invitations are matching corporate identity of your company.
  • Improving your position in search engines. Invitations are crucial for your Google My Business to have better SEO results.  
  • Increased reviews number will attract more customers, thanks to that you will increase your sales.
  • Access to feedback widgets that you can add to your website and encourage customers to your services and products.
  • Unsatisfied customers won't be a problem anymore. Thanks to our application, you can easily contact them, which gives a great chance that they will come back to you.
  • You monitor opinions about your brand and the results of the Rating Captain campaign in one place.


Our customers’ results:

  • 300% more positive feedback
  • 90% less negative comments
  • up to 60% more revenue
  • 15% more returning customers

customers' results

Black Week -  Promotion details


Important! Each user registered during Black Week receives a discount of -60% for the first 3 months with Rating Captain.

The promotion lasts from November 23, 2020 to November 30, 2020. Don't miss your chance!

To get your 60% off, you do not need any promotion codes, just go to and register within the indicated period of time.


Partners of this promotion are: Brand24 and BaseLinker

Partners of this promotion are: Brand24 and BaseLinker

Brand24 is a professional tool for brand monitoring on the Internet and social media. Reviews of the companies and their products are gathered in one place. Brand24 also helps to protect your company reputation. With this tool, you can follow important customer discussions online and join the conversation. All of this leads to a positive brand image and support your sales.


BaseLinker is a system that allows you to improve your sales by managing it from one place. BaseLinker Order Manager helps you to run orders more efficiently. On the other hand, the auction panel enables the mass issuing auctions on Allegro, Amazon and eBay. BaseLinker saves your time. The system conduct do many actions for you, e.g. automatically send messages to customers or change the status of their orders.

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Karol Bocheński
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Karol Bocheński
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Karol Bocheński
Karol Bocheński
Karol Bocheński
Karol Bocheński
Agnieszka Szczepanowska
Karol Bocheński
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Rating Captain is creating “SatBot”, a project implemented under the grant in accordance with the “303 Innovation fund” project.

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