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How To Create And Collect E-commerce Feedback

Anisha Bhandari
22/11/2022 | 8 min read
How To Create And Collect E-commerce Feedback

Table of contents

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    Customer feedback is something that every eCommerce platform has to have unlike a traditional market, where there’s face-to-face interaction with all your customers. Shoppers usually love to have a convenient journey when shopping online. Whereas eCommerce has a longer buyer journey. Moreover, with the growing industry, there’s an increase in competition too. And to survive or win the competition, you need to know how your customers feel about your business. Also, you can never let go of an opportunity that will give your business an edge over others. Hence, you must have customer feedback practice to understand all these factors about your eCommerce business.


    This exercise educates you on the essential part of an eCommerce business: creating and collecting customer feedback. But before that, you need to know why customer feedback is essential. 


    So, let’s get started. 


    Importance of eCommerce customer feedback 


    As mentioned above, you know that customer feedback is an important part of an eCommerce business. There are various benefits of practicing well-designed customer feedback.

    And so, here’s a list of factors that help you understand the importance of customer feedback. 


    1. Enhanced customer experience 


    Customer experience, needless to say, is something that attracts maximum customers and makes your eCommerce platform the best among all.  

    However, you need to understand that whenever there’s negative feedback from a customer, there are other customers who have faced the same issue and never shopped again.  

    It is important to ask for journey feedback, as it will help you know which part of the journey is your strength and what requires more attention.  

    In this way, you can focus on providing a better customer experience for your users. 


    2. Customer loyalty 


    When you ask for customer feedback, they feel valued. Many of them tend to become your unpaid marketers. Word of mouth is something that every eCommerce business dreams of.  

    These unpaid marketers would suggest your products and services to their near and dear ones and happily give you feedback.  

    These customers will help you know your strength and will be your great motivators, bringing you peace that there are such loyal customers supporting your eCommerce business.  


    3. Analyze your conversion rates 


    While collecting feedback, you’ll come across some customers who will be your ideal buyers. When these buyers feel an exceptional experience, you automatically experience low customer acquisition costs. 

    Optimizing your eCommerce website based on feedback will help you increase your conversion rate. Increasing the number of existing customers will help you build strong reviews. 

    The above pointers explain very well how important it is to have customer feedback for your business.  

    The next part of this blog explains an essential thing which is how to create eCommerce feedback. 


    4. It helps in the development of products and services.


    You can learn what people truly think about your brand by measuring user satisfaction rates throughout their entire customer journey. 

    Whether positive or negative, these results can help you understand what makes a current client or prospect so enthusiastic about your brand that they may even share it on social media.

    You can use this information to improve your customer experience, increasing satisfaction even further. Remember that the more you use feedback to improve your processes and features and branding of your products, the more likely it is that you will be able to reduce churn and retain customers.

    It is important to create and collect feedback before getting started. Here are certain points you should remember while collecting feedback: 


    Points to be considered while creating eCommerce feedback


    Below are some points to be considered while creating feedback forms.


    1. Measure satisfaction  

    Asking questions appropriately will help you improve your website and the checkout experience. You need to measure the satisfaction of your customers while asking for feedback. You can use reviews to measure the satisfaction of these customers. You can also use web forms on the website to collect your customer’s feedback after the purchase.


    Ratings can be taken of services like- speed, pricing, product listing, or any other similar thing. 

    Ratings help you measure the accuracy of your customer satisfaction with your website. Also, remember there should be no more than 6 points of rating, as they can bore the customers. 


    2. Create insightful reports  

    After collecting the product reviews or ratings, and creating reports, you can get accurate insights. Study the reports properly and try to make the changes that are necessary to implement them for better customer experiences.  


    3. Type of questions


    You can create questions that are not too lengthy, don’t include more words, and have a proper formation of questions that do not confuse the customer. 


    Here’s a list of questions that you can use: 

    • Where did you hear from us?  

    Here you can give options by yourself like Instagram, Facebook, colleague, or others. 

    • What’s your overall feeling about the website? 

    You can add emojis. 

    • How likely would you recommend our site? 

    Net promoter score (NPS) type.  

    • What improvement would you like to see? 


    Keep this as an optional type.


    These are some of the questions you can add while creating a feedback questionnaire. 


    4. Create loyalty programs

    You can create loyalty among customers by offering them some valuable rewards after filling the feedback form. Offering them coupons, something free, or some free points for their next shopping would be a powerful move to strengthen customer loyalty and consistency with your business.  


    You can keep this part of feedback optional; however, including it will result positively. 


    5. Make your customer feel important


    Ensure their feedback truly matters for the business and to the other customers. Here you can add action buttons asking happy customers to share their testimonials or subscribe to your monthly newsletter.

    In my opinion, this should be the optional part, no need to force them to subscribe at any stage.


    6. Testing 

    Last but not least, while forming feedback, remember to test the process. It is vital to test your feedback form or process. If you are getting lesser results try to improvise the feedback process and make it more smooth for the customers.


    Ways to collect feedback


    There are a few key ways to collect eCommerce feedback that will give you the most accurate and helpful insights. 


    1. Use an online survey tool: 

    There are lots of great online survey tools out there, like SurveyMonkey or Typeform. These make it easy to create a professional survey that you can send to your customers via email or social media.

    2. Create a poll: 

    If you want to quickly collect feedback from a larger group of people, creating a poll is a great option. You can use an online form builder tool like Survey Monkey or Google Forms to create a poll, then share it on social media or your website.


    3. Send out a customer satisfaction survey: 

    If you want to get detailed feedback about your eCommerce store, sending out a customer satisfaction survey is a great option. You can use a tool like Survey Monkey or Qualtrics to create a survey, then send it out to your customers via email. You can also use tools like CRM email marketing for sending bulk emails using your customer email list for brief feedback and tracking the responses you get.


    4. Talk to your customers directly: 

    One of the best ways to collect feedback is to simply talk to your customers directly. You can do this via phone, email, or in person. This allows you to get feedback in real time and gives you the opportunity to ask follow-up questions.


    5. Use a third-party tool: 

    There are lots of great third-party tools that allow you to collect feedback from your customers. Two of the most popular options are UserTesting and Qualaroo.


    No matter which method you choose, collecting feedback from your customers is a great way to get insights into what they want and how you can improve your eCommerce store.


    Bottom line 


    Your customers are the most important part of your business. Missing to take their feedback is like missing an opportunity to provide better service and connect with more customers that they’ll bring to you. 

    You can create and collect positive customer reviews easily with the proper practice of the above-mentioned steps and ways. So, start the practice now.

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