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TripAdvisor review - get reviews about your hotel or restaurant

Katarzyna Chomąt
13/11/2020 | 3 min read
TripAdvisor review - get reviews about your hotel or restaurant

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    In the tourism industry, reviews and comments are of paramount importance. When planning a trip, one of the first steps is to check hotel and restaurant reviews, as well as things to do there and airlines. I'm sure you do it too. Therefore, if you're a business owner in this industry, take care of the image of your company in one of the most popular review platforms related to tourism. Check how easy it is to make a showcase and create a recognizable brand that has positive reviews.


    What is TripAdvisor?


    TripAdvisor is a travel portal that allows 463 million people to make the most of their trip every month. The website already has over 859 million reviews about various tourist facilities. You can also use the price comparison tool. There, you can also find travellers' forum. You can also book a flight and rate the airlines. Tourists use the portal not only before but also during their trip. Learn more about this review aggregator. Find out what this service has to offer and how to add your place.


    Benefits of having a profile


    Adding the company to TripAdvisor allows you to increase traffic and create unique opportunities of building your brand. By using advanced search technologies, your offer can be noticed by users who are currently reading about the location of your facility. If you're the owner of a hotel, e.g. in London, thanks to the publication of an advertisement, you can count on an increase in the number of clients.

    Users looking for accommodation in London can get information about your hotel and book a room right away! Additionally, you can respond to user reviews and upload photos and videos. The website creates rankings of the best hotels, restaurants and attractions in a given location. It also issues a quality certificate, i.e. Travellers' Choice. The prize is awarded annually based on reviews and opinions from around the world and saved places. This highlights the best facilities.


    How do I submit a request to add a business advertisement to the site?


    First, make sure to read the guidelines for specific facilities. If you meet the requirements, choose to list your business. The next step is to choose the type of place: hotel, restaurant, attractions, holiday rental. You'll be redirected to the form to post basic information about you and the company. Also indicate the location of the place on the map. Place the marker as close as possible to the entrance to your place. Then add your business website and phone number. This information is used to verify the information about the company from the previous steps, so make sure that all the information you provide is correct and up-to-date.


    In the next step, enter the details of your property. They may vary depending on the type of activity. They are used to provide the correct category for the advertisement. Add a short description to help users learn more about the business. Then upload a profile photo of your company. The image shouldn't contain frames or logos. Now place a request. TripAdvisor editors will review the details and send an email confirming that the company meets the guidelines. And it's all set, now it's time to manage your advertisement effectively.

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