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Katarzyna Chomąt
11/12/2023 | min read

Promoting a company online requires implementing various marketing activities, starting from website positioning and ending with PR actions. During the execution of many of them, as well as when making key decisions for further brand development, it is worth using dedicated tools. You will find plenty of them on the market, so we have prepared a list for you of those that will help you effectively promote your company and offer on the Internet.

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Katarzyna Chomąt
06/12/2023 | min read

Running an online store involves taking care of many issues related to the entire sales system, logistics, accounting, etc. Therefore, it is worth using tools that automate processes, as they effectively minimize the chance of errors. Thanks to this, of course, the customer can make a purchase smoothly and receive the product, and you gain valuable time. One of the tools worth considering is BaseLinker, so in this article we will point out the reasons why it is worth being interested in it.

Katarzyna Chomąt
04/12/2023 | min read

Many companies use marketing automation systems to strategically approach campaigns and create effective advertising messages. You may already know a little about marketing automation, but you are not utilizing its potential. That's why we have prepared a list of tools for you that automate and support marketing activities.

Katarzyna Chomąt
28/11/2023 | min read

E-commerce is thriving and it seems that it won't change anytime soon. Of course, with the development of e-commerce, competition is growing in many industries, even in niche ones. To win the race for customers, you need to monitor trends and increase productivity, for example by using dedicated tools that facilitate many tasks.

Casper Cooper
24/11/2023 | min read

Market analysis is the process of collecting, selecting, and interpreting information about the market, consumers, competition, and market environment.

Milena Zienkiewicz
11/10/2023 | min read

E-commerce is a field that has been developing rapidly for years. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of online stores and online sales. According to forecasts, this trend will continue in the coming years, including in 2023.

Patrycja Lisowska
01/03/2021 | min read

Achieving success in sales depends on many factors - in addition to passion, determination, and creativity, you also need to thoroughly understand your potential and current customers in order to accompany them at every stage of the purchasing process. But how can you deliver consistent and unforgettable experiences to consumers that will give your business an edge over the competition? Reach for conversion-boosting tools in your online store that will also improve the efficiency and organization of your team's work. Sales support tools are applications and software dedicated to salespeople and marketers, created to facilitate and automate their work and improve customer service. The key to choosing the right tools is to find solutions that best meet the individual needs of your business. And there is plenty to choose from, as the scope of their activities and range of functionalities are so broad that they can be divided into several categories, including customer relationship management (CRM) tools, analytics, and sales automation and integration. Take a look at our guide, where we present e-commerce tools that support sales and see what benefits implementing best practices in your online store can bring. Tools for online customer service We have already dedicated an extensive blog post to Rozwiązaniom managing customer contacts. So now we will only briefly remind you of the benefits of implementing a CRM system for your company and suggest which tools are currently the most popular. The most important benefits provided by CRM tools are: - Managing all customer interactions from one place at every stage of the customer lifecycle. - Organizing and ensuring positive and consistent customer experiences throughout their relationship with the company. - Translating a wealth of data from sales, customer service, marketing, and social media monitoring into specific business information. - Personalizing communication and preparing offers that meet customer requirements. - Streamlining communication with both customers and between company departments, which speeds up information flow and teamwork. - Identifying sales opportunities, detecting service issues, and effectively managing marketing campaigns, all of which contribute to the company's revenue growth. The growing popularity of CRM systems means that there is a wide range of tools available on the market dedicated to multichannel customer service. Notable examples include Pipedrive, available in Polish, as well as HubSpot and Salesforce for medium and large enterprises. When it comes to customer communication, LiveChat and Tidio have proven themselves. Creating heat maps Crazy Egg - By using this tool to track all events on your website, you will find out if your website is intuitive enough for users. With heatmaps, you can see which elements are most frequently clicked by users and which are ignored. Crazy Egg analyzes specific user actions, showing the depth of page scrolling and searched keywords, allowing you to check if you have placed your call-to-action (CTA) in the right place. By investing in this application, you will improve the user experience and increase its effectiveness by improving the conversion rate. Hotjar - This tool allows you to analyze specific user behaviors on your website, checking what attracts their attention and what discourages them from making a purchase. With Hotjar, you can see how customers navigate your website and watch recordings of all customer actions on the site. Recording customer actions is not the only functionality offered by Hotjar; it also provides analysis of surveys, forms, and customer journeys. The information obtained in this way about which products/services generate the most and slightly less interest is a valuable guide for UX designers who design positive user experiences. With Hotjar, you will find the answer to the question that every salesperson wonders: at what stage of the sales process do customers abandon their shopping carts? Newsletters, email marketing, and SMS marketing FreshMail - This tool is suitable for email marketing and newsletter distribution, offering ready-made message templates that can be customized depending on the level of content personalization. FreshMail also generates valuable reports on the effectiveness of your email campaigns and organizes your mailing lists. With this tool, you can conduct A/B tests, enrich your campaigns with SMS delivery, and perform spam analysis, which helps identify errors in your creation. MailChimp - This tool allows you to create fully responsive newsletters that you can personalize based on your customers' preferences, and track the results of your campaigns through clear reports. The automation of tasks in MailChimp allows you to relieve your marketing team, even in the case of non-standard actions. The main advantages mentioned in the context of this solution are its intuitiveness and ease of use, which are particularly evident when designing simple templates (you don't need coding or HTML knowledge). MailChimp should also be appreciated for its range of additional services, which make it one of the most comprehensive platforms that use multiple communication channels with customers. GetResponse - In addition to creating automated email campaigns, you can use this tool to create landing pages, CRM, and even organize webinars. Additionally, you can integrate the system with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, allowing your marketing activities to be managed from one account. The capabilities of GetResponse do not end with the mentioned integrations, and the tool offers a range of sales solutions. Designing conversion funnels, web push notifications, or exit forms - all of these tasks can be performed within one platform for automating marketing processes. Analyzing website traffic and monitoring online reputation We have grouped together tools that analyze traffic and content on your website, such as Google Analytics and Senuto, as well as advanced solutions that allow you to monitor all mentions and opinions about products, service quality, and the brand itself on the Internet, such as Brand24 and Rating Captain. Google Analytics - This tool allows you to check the traffic on your website and answer the question of whether your website is visible enough to users. With Google Analytics, you can track statistics on the number of views of a given website, as well as demographic data of users visiting your website and the actions taken by consumers on the site. The currently available new version of Google Analytics - Google Analytics 4 - has surprised us with several improvements, which you can read about here. Senuto - This tool is primarily dedicated to SEO specialists and is based on a keyword index that analyzes the visibility and monitors the position of your website. With Senuto, you can find out how your domain performs in Google based on specific phrases and how it compares to the competition. This audit of our website is a prelude to optimizing it in terms of content and external and internal linking, and all these actions translate into increasing the credibility of your website. Brand24 - If you don't want to limit yourself to just your company's website and want to start monitoring your brand's reputation on the Internet, reach for a tool that protects your business's reputation online. Brand24 searches social media, blogs, forums, review sites, and many others for mentions of your company and then analyzes the sentiment. This way, you will not only find out where the discussion about your brand is taking place but also the tone of the published statements. Rating Captain - Managing online reviews is another process that often goes unnoticed in a brand strategy but affects the conversion rate in an online store. Effective acquisition of positive reviews and monitoring service quality is possible with the Rating Captain application. The tool has a ready-made system for sending review invitations that match your visual identity and are sent to customers after placing an order. Another functionality is the analysis of customer service issues and recommendations for actions to overcome difficulties. Remember that reviews are one of the factors that build trust in a brand, so choose an application that will naturally improve your business's rating. Comprehensive tools for modern salespeople allow for the automation of many sales aspects. The presented solutions will boost your conversion rate and make the process of building customer engagement much smoother. We hope that our subjective overview of sales support platforms will help you in the dynamic development of your online store and generate higher revenues. If you use other tools to support online sales, please share your inspirations with us.


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