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SERM. Enterprise reputation management in the 21st century.

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
27/10/2020 | 3 min read
SERM. Enterprise reputation management in the 21st century.

Table of contents

    Abbreviation of the SERM comes from definition Search Engine Reputation Management. This tool is useful to manage the business reputable in internet search engines. In reality it consists of several activities taken in order to improve visibility and recognizability in the search results.


    All these  efforts are for the one reason. Internet users usually look at only the first page of google results. They don’t look further, because there is a high probability, that thing they are looking for is right over there. If your company is not on the first page of google results, it is like it doesn’t exist in customer awareness.  Worse, this applies to as much as 96% of potential customers.


    Search. How to get the best visibility on google by using SERM?


    You may ask - what determines the position in search results? It depends if your website is properly adjusted to customer needs. How do Google algorithms rate this? More and more accurately. Many books have been written about how Google mechanisms work. Meantime the giant still refines it. Sometimes rules change, but it is possible to highlight one common factor.


    All positioning is based on key phrases. These are the terms your customers enter into the search engine. Content on your website must contain them. Otherwise, no one will know about your existence.


    What is the most important, clients comments significantly impact on visibility of your company. Chances of success increase, if you take advantage of positive recommendations. 


    Engine. You need the right tools to manage your reputation


    Effective corporate reputation management will not be possible if you do not use modern technology. You are at risk of making a lot of mistakes. 

    The most common of them: 


    • wondering what is on your customers mind
    • lack of awareness where and what is written about you 
    • wrong conclusions related to responding to negative comments
    • miss the opportunity to change the customer's opinion,
    • treating criticism as a hostile act, not feedback


    By using a well designed application prepared to manage entrepreneurship reputation, you are able to collect every review in one place.The tool will also analyze sentiment, separating negative from positive opinions. Performs a semantic analysis, identifying problems that are worth taking care of in your company. It will tell you how to deal with dissatisfied customers. It will also recommend the content of positive comments, including phrases that will positively affect positioning. Just send it to real customers and encourage them to the public. 



    Reputation. Why is it so important? 


    This is not only about honor or prestige. As higher is the level of your reputable, as much your profits increase. High rate, positive recommendations and satisfied customers are the key to building the trust in the company you represent. 


    Management. How to effectively work on the company's image?


    Appropriate business strategy requires striving to better hit customers' needs. In contemporary marketing, reputation is the absolute base for every different activity. If your aim is to develop a brand in a suitable and effective way, you should know where you can find the support. 


    Rating Captain gives the tools that help you with building reputations in a conscious way. 


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