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Improving company image - how to build a new image?

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
06/12/2023 | 6 min read
Improving company image - how to build a new image?

Table of contents

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    Oh, how beautiful the beginnings of running a business look. You have big dreams, ideas, plans. You choose a name, logo, brand colors, tone of communication. Maybe you even have a mission in the back of your mind that you want to fulfill within your business. Everything seems to be heading in the right direction.


    After a few years, a simple reflection hits you. Since the assumptions were correct, what happened that it simply doesn't work? There are three pillars of effective business. They are called: strategy, implementation, and monitoring. Even the best marketing plan in the world itself does not guarantee success. If you don't put it into action, you won't achieve anything. On the other hand, without checking the effects of your actions, you can fail, not understanding or predicting it at all.


    Then you have to work on improving the company's image. How to do it once and for all?


    What is the image of a company?


    It is all the impressions that exist in the minds of your customers. Importantly, elements of a wizerunku company are not only visual identity, way of speaking, or the quality of products and services provided. If that were the case, it would be easy to have full control over it, right? However, it also matters to what extent you respond to the real needs of your audience. Companies, while building a positive company image, strive to effectively manage the brand's reputation, but the final assessment of the company's image lies in the hands of the customers.


    If you create a company the way you think is right, without taking into account the opinions of customers, you are on the path to bankruptcy. Ultimately, you will be spinning in circles, barely making ends meet.


    How to improve the company's image? Recreating the image


    What should prompt you to rethink your brand image? Low income, high expenses on promotion, low ratings, and poor reviews on opinion websites. Since you are here, you are not one of those who give up in such moments. You have more of an activist nature. You deal with problems by facing them.


    So your main challenge is not motivation. The only mistake you can make in the preparation stage is getting nervous. Anger towards customers, your PR public relations department, or your own family won't help here. Treat the subject with some curiosity. Like a scientist breaking down their business into its basic components. See what works and what doesn't. Start by collecting data.



    Where is the shaping of your company's image heading right now?


    Improving the company's image always starts with carefully listening to your customers. To do this, you need to analyze the current image of our company among customers. It is by no means about calling each of them now and asking why they don't shop with you. You have access to previous correspondence with your customers. If you run social media, wizytówkę on Google Maps or provide this option on your website, you can also review a sea of reviews about your company.


    All you need to do is familiarize yourself with all of this and draw conclusions. There is one problem. Such actions take a lot of time. Especially when your business is frequently and willingly commented on.


    Check faster if you have a positive company image online


    In managing the organization's image, an zarządzania reviews application will help you. In Rating Captain, most actions are performed automatically based on big data analysis. The software will collect all the reviews from specified sources and conduct a semantic analysis. Then it will show you a report on what your customers complain about most often.


    Of course, this is not the only application. The program will also help you efficiently respond to all reviews and acquire new ones in the future. At this moment, however, you need this option to know exactly what you can do.


    Start building your company's image based on real customer needs


    You can treat the report you receive literally as a to-do list. Do most of the reviews concern the quality of customer service? You need to send your staff for training or formulate the rules of your organization's culture. Perhaps you will even come up with the idea of finally developing procedures for dealing with dissatisfied customers. That can really come in handy.


    You see that the quality of products and services needs improvement? The most important thing is that you know what customers don't like. You can then change the supplier or develop a new offer that better meets their expectations. Or maybe your website is difficult to use, displays errors, and is considered simply ugly? Or you use too formal language, and recipients have trouble finding useful information?


    Each suggestion immediately suggests a solution. If you think about it for a moment, customers who give you negatywne reviews deserve a big thank you. They show you how to get out of what seems like a dead end. Customer reviews help you see the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Use it and don't let potential customers choose the competition.


    New reviews are a test of improving the company's image


    Can you rest on your laurels after making improvements? No. It's time for the monitoring stage of the actions taken. Track the next reviews that appear and respond to them in real-time. Only customers can confirm that a brand change has really occurred.


    As you can see, the whole idea is very simple. This does not mean that achieving such a business goal will be effortless. Building a positive image will require consistent action. However, once you have mastered the process of improving your company's image, such action will become second nature to you. Later on, you will have a habit of taking care of your reputation. And this will translate into higher income for your company.



    Take care of the visibility of recommendations not only on social media


    Do you want to speed up the effects of improving your online image? As soon as you start receiving new pozytywne reviews, promote them. Show them on your company or offer website. Quote individual sentences in interviews. Brag about reviews on social media.


    This way, you will provide further customers with a well-known proof of your credibility in social marketing. And that's what they need to trust you. Previously, evidence didn't work in your favor. After the changes, you can confidently and proudly promote your reviews.

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