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Katarzyna Chomąt
14/12/2023 | min read

The opinions of your customers are a very important element in building trust in your company. It is thanks to them that a person interested in your offer can decide to make a purchase or use your service. Customers also check social media for information about the company. Therefore, it is worth taking care of a large number of recommendations.

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Agnieszka Szczepanowska
06/12/2023 | min read

What is conversational marketing? It's conversations that lead to sales. Since we're talking about conversation, it's clear that we're talking about mutual interaction. For this reason, many entrepreneurs try to build a relationship with the customer by expanding their sales department or dedicating their own time to it. And that's good.

Julia Kozak
24/11/2023 | min read

Facebook allows you to collect data from potential customers through its internal system. Facebook Lead Ads campaign is a form of advertising focused on acquiring contacts from the target group. Internet users, while browsing the portal, come across a campaign with a form in which they can fill in fields such as a phone number.

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
01/10/2020 | min read

During the pandemic, businesses have moved online. The advantage of online activities over traditional advertising was already evident before. However, it is now difficult to find an industry that could function without them. Companies that can continue to operate in an organized manner will survive in the market. That is why it is worth getting to know one of the basic marketing tools in social media right now. Facebook Business Manager. Why is it worth creating an account on it? The tool known as Facebook Business Manager allows you to finally separate personal matters from business matters, according to Facebook. You will receive all notifications related to your business only after logging into your dedicated account. This way, your personal profile on Facebook will serve its intended purpose. Facebook Business Manager also streamlines the management of company pages, pixels, and advertising accounts. By assigning permissions to your employees, you will fully utilize the potential of your team. To use Facebook Business Manager, you must have a personal Facebook account Before you start creating an account in Business Manager, it is worth knowing that it is not a tool completely detached from personal profiles. Only people who already have a personal Facebook account can create an account in Facebook Business Manager. This requirement applies to you as the owner of the company. The same requirement must be met by anyone you want to grant access to. It is worth noting that you do not have to be friends on Facebook. The creators of Facebook Business Manager have taken care of separating personal and professional life in this matter as well. How to create an account in Business Manager? Creating an account in Business Manager is very simple. Log in to your personal profile on Facebook. Then, in a new browser tab, enter the address. Now click on the "Create Account" button. Fill in the fields in a short form. Done. You can create an account on your own. You can also ask one of your employees to do it. However, make sure that immediately after creating the account, they assign you the role of administrator. Only in this way will you gain full control over managing your own brand on Facebook. How to add a company page on Facebook? Ads on Facebook are always released from a specific page. To create and distribute them, you must have one. Business Manager is an extremely intuitive tool. To add a company page, simply click on the "Add Page" button. It couldn't be easier, right? This way, you can add a previously created company fan page. Don't worry if you don't have a business page yet. You can create it in the same place. The process of creating a page is also very easy and takes place in a simple wizard. The last option is to request access to someone else's page. How to create an advertising account? An advertising account is essential for paying for advertising campaigns. Without it, you cannot effectively promote your business. Here, too, you should not expect major complications. The "add advertising account" option is visible in the same place where you can add your page to Business Manager. It is worth noting that, unlike a company page, the advertising account is permanently assigned to Facebook Business Manager. When creating an advertising account, make sure to set the appropriate currency for settlements. Also, configure from which source the ads should be paid and provide invoice details. How to add people and configure their permissions? You can add your employees to Business Manager. Simply select the "Business Settings" option and then select "People" and the "Add" button. Then enter the email addresses to which invitations will be sent. Make sure that the "Employee Access" option is selected below the email entry box. It is better to leave the administrator access in the hands of a maximum of two people. Of course, the owner of the company must be one of them. In the next window, you can grant access to individual resources, such as pages, advertising accounts, accounts, and applications. External companies that will provide services for you can be assigned in a similar way. In this case, however, you will use the "Partners" option. After completing these steps, your account in Business Manager is ready to work. How to create a Facebook Business Manager account and take advantage of its functionality? Facebook Business Manager is a tool created specifically for business users, which allows managing various aspects of activity on the Facebook platform in one place. To create an account in Facebook Business Manager, simply go to the page and create a new business account. Then you can add your company's Facebook page, advertising accounts, employee accounts, and many other resources. Once we have created an account in Facebook Business Manager, we can invite other users to our team to manage various aspects of our business. This way, each team member will have access to the appropriate resources and will be able to focus on their specialties. Within Facebook Business Manager, we can also manage advertising and marketing campaigns. We can create new campaigns, view statistics, analyze results, and optimize our actions. Additionally, thanks to the Facebook pixel feature, we can track user activity on our website and use personalized ads. How to contact a business manager within Facebook Business Manager? If you have any questions or need help with using Facebook Business Manager, you can contact the Facebook support team. To do this, simply click on the "Help" button in the Business Manager tab. There you will find a contact form through which you can send your question or problem. Usually, you will receive a response within a few hours. Alternatively, you can also use the resources available on the Facebook Help page, where you will find answers to many popular questions about Facebook Business Manager. You can search through different categories and topics to find the information you need. How to take advantage of Facebook Business Manager to learn more about the benefits for business users? Facebook Business Manager offers many benefits for business users. First and foremost, it allows you to concentrate all aspects of your activity on the Facebook platform in one place. We can manage our business account on Facebook, pages, advertising accounts, resource management, product catalogs, pixels, and much more. By providing transparent management and full control over all aspects of our presence on Facebook, Facebook Business Manager allows us to plan, monitor, and optimize our advertising campaigns more effectively and build a strong social media presence. Additionally, we can control employee access to various resources and assign them appropriate roles, ensuring the security and confidentiality of our data. Learn more about the benefits that Facebook Business Manager offers for your business by reading our articles on optimizing advertising on Facebook, marketing strategies, and the latest industry trends. How to browse and use the features of Facebook Business Manager for your company? Through Facebook Business Manager, we can browse and use many features that will help us effectively manage our business on the Facebook platform. We can create a business account, connect it to our fan page, add advertising accounts, Facebook pixels, and employee accounts. Once we have configured our account in Facebook Business Manager, we can go to the main panel, where we will have access to all the features and tools. We can view statistics of our advertising campaigns, create audience groups, manage our advertising accounts, create campaigns, manage budgets, and much more. Facebook Business Manager also provides access to additional tools and services that will help us improve our positioning and promotion of our business. We can take advantage of SEO advice, marketing advice, data analysis, competition monitoring, and much more. Feel free to contact our team, which will be happy to help you browse and use the features of Facebook Business Manager for your company. Read our article on best practices for managing Facebook Business Manager to learn more about how to effectively use this tool.


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