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Agnieszka Szczepanowska
06/12/2023 | min read

Do you think that opinions are only useful as an addition to your CV? Not true. Negative opinions help develop e-commerce businesses. They provide valuable insights into what you can improve in your products, logistics, and sales process.

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Katarzyna Chomąt
04/12/2023 | min read

Every online store owner wants to increase sales. Of course, there is always a chance for that, as many factors influence sales growth, both related to marketing and the store itself, its operation, and appearance. In this article, we will present some of them that can make the sales statistics in your store increase.

Katarzyna Chomąt
28/11/2023 | min read

How to retain customers? What can be done to make them come back and become loyal customers? The questions themselves suggest that what happens after the transaction is important. Of course, the satisfaction with the purchase is influenced by the store's offer, customer service quality, or smooth delivery, but there are a few more actions that increase buyers' satisfaction and thus contribute to repeat purchases of products or services.

Julia Kozak
24/11/2023 | min read

Facebook allows you to collect data from potential customers through its internal system. Facebook Lead Ads campaign is a form of advertising focused on acquiring contacts from the target group. Internet users, while browsing the portal, come across a campaign with a form in which they can fill in fields such as a phone number.

Katarzyna Chomąt
23/11/2023 | min read

Wondering how to attract customers to your online store and increase sales on the Internet? You run marketing activities, build relationships on social media... But do you pay attention to the presentation of your offer in the online store? Learn what e-merchandising is and how to best showcase products online.

Katarzyna Chomąt
17/01/2022 | min read

New Year seems like an ideal moment for realising plans and starting with new projects. Do you have starting an online business on your New Year’s wishlist? If so I'm glad you came across this article. We recommend you read it carefully if you think about starting your business in e-commerce. We advise where to find ideas for an online shop profile and what sells best on the Internet. And you need to know that the right idea is the key to your success!

Patrycja Lisowska
01/03/2021 | min read

Achieving success in sales is dependent on many factors - apart from your passion, determination, and creativity, you also need to thoroughly get to know your potential and current customers in order to accompany them at every stage of the purchasing process. But how do you provide consumers with a consistent and unforgettable experience that will grant your business advantage over the competition? Reach for tools that increase conversion in your online store, which will additionally improve the efficiency and organization of your team’s work.

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
17/12/2020 | min read

It might be that sales in your store look pretty good and you’re just wondering what else you can do. Or you are not able to attract customers for a few months and you want to know how to improve your online store sales and how to make better revenue from it. In any case, the pattern of marketing activities to be done in the e-commerce industry does not change. You need to take care of the same aspects of your business regardless of how your store has been performing so far.



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