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What Is The Impact Of Reviews On Sales In An Online Store?

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
23/11/2022 | 4 min read
What Is The Impact Of Reviews On Sales In An Online Store?

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    Do you think reviews are only useful as an addition to a resume? That is not true. Negative reviews allow you to grow your e-commerce business. This is because they provide valuable insights into what you can improve in your products, logistics and sales process.


    Does this mean that positive reviews do not matter? They do. In fact, they matter enormously. Contrary to appearances, it is not only the quantity of them that matters, but also the quality. And this is what most sellers forget.


    Potential clients will check in reviews to see if they can trust you


    Think about reviews from the point of view of a person who is just getting to know your brand. What is the person afraid of most of all, especially if he is going to leave a lot of money with you? He is worried of being scammed. Then he sees that your clients are eager to provide you with good reviews and do not regret their purchase. This is the first and necessary step to build trust in the brand you create.


    At first it will be trust for a trial period. So don’t disappoint when ordering. You can add a small free gift to the package. Wrap it carefully and aesthetically. Send it quickly. 


    In a word, do everything to give as many reasons as possible to leave a positive review. In this way you will screw up the shopping perpetual motion machine. More reviews will attract buyers to you.


    reviews online


    With reviews, you attract more loyal customers


    Speaking of more clients, let’s consider recent trends in the market. Today’s consumers are increasingly willing to buy from ethical brands. However, simply supporting organizations that change the world for the better is not enough as a marketing asset.


    Alignment also determines the impact of reviews on sales. A potential buyer subconsciously looks to see if the people who buy from you are like them. He will also be curious to find out how you solve the problems he encountered with your competitors. For this reason, build your reputation and image in responses as well.


    Information about your online store’s sales process


    The buyer has already verified that you have positive feedback at all. He has also found that he matches the people you sell to. To what will he pay attention next? Basic information. Such as shipping time and how secure it is during transit.


    If your customer mentions in the feedback that the package was wrapped in such a way that an anti-personnel mine would not damage it, he will give you a great gift. The potential buyer will thus make sure that you take care of the safe delivery of your products. And you are not relying solely on the courier company or the post office for this.


    What Is The Impact Of Reviews On Sales In An Online Store?


    Reviews as product marketing – data for you and the client


    Product reviews deserve a separate mention. You can learn from them what information is missing from your descriptions. By completing the content in your store, you will reduce the number of returns. So you will reduce shipping costs and the number of people who are dissatisfied with their purchase.


    Your customers are curious about every mention of your products. Will this sweater be good for sensitive skin or is it itchy? Is the sizing standard or understated? People who have already bought something from you are thus making things more helpful for you. Therefore, ask for feedback after each purchase. They will always benefit you.


    Why will you increase sales this way? The impact of reviews on store sales


    Well, does this mean that at some point you can stop collecting reviews? Once each of your products has collected quite a few reviews, maybe it would be a better idea to stop publishing new comments? Don’t take such a route. Reviews management can be embraced. Social proof of legitimacy can continue to function indefinitely. 


    People trust other people, not stores. Therefore, customer reviews will have a good influence on the purchasing decisions made by subsequent buyers. A higher number of reviews also indicates a fair amount of interest in a product. This, from the get-go, makes an Internet user more desirous of owning it. 


    Of course, it makes sense to get recommendations under products without reviews first. The report “The Value of Online Customer Reviews” indicates that just 5 reviews increase interest in cheaper goods by 190%. The increase in sales with expensive products was even greater. It amounted to as much as 380%. You have to admit that this is quite an impressive result, right?

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