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Are they saying: "Buy Google reviews"? Do not listen to them!

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
04/05/2022 | 5 min read
Are they saying: "Buy Google reviews"? Do not listen to them!

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    One entrepreneur comes to another and says something like: Listen, I want to know how you do it, you’ve got hundreds of opinions on Google Maps. I have only a few. Be a good buddy; tell me the secret of your success. The other replies with the following words: It's easy! Buy Google Reviews! It costs pennies and you make millions on it! I've been doing this for years. Nobody noticed me doing that. 


    A real story? Not exactly. And yet, perhaps, you too believe that this is the reality. This is what companies that offer money-for-money are all about. In practice, buying reviews often ends tragically. Learn about four commonly used arguments for buying an opinion. Take a real perspective and learn how to get feedback effectively and honestly. 


    Myth #1  Positive Google reviews earn the trust of customers 


    Of course they do. They also shape the company's image. However, let's specify what a company’s image actually is. This is an image that arises in the mind of people reading the review. And there are specific expectations associated with the image produced in this way.


    If you don't meet them, you'll get another bad opinion for each positive one. People are much more motivated to leave negative reviews than to share a positive experience with a given brand. That's why fake reviews can get you into trouble quickly, and your overall rating won't increase at all. 


    Real entries are a different matter. There you get praise for what you give realistically. If so, customers won't feel the need to rectify it. 


    Myth #2 – When you buy positive Google reviews, your business will grow


    It sounds nice, but how is it actually going to happen? Give me the details, please. Unfortunately, there are no details. You might guess that in favor of this argument is the suggestion that you will earn more money. The problem is that in modern business money is earned on genuine development, not from reaping the benefits of the sale of a single, scratched and skipping record.


    The truth sounds a bit controversial. You will develop the fastest thanks to negative reviews. It is in them that you can read what is wrong in your company. And knowing about it will allow you to improve processes, train employees better or prepare products more tailored to the needs of your target audience. By listening to your real customers, you will inevitably grow. Then you will actually give yourself a chance for higher earnings.


    Myth #3 – Protection of the company's image and greater credibility of the offer


    No, no and no once again. False opinions can have the opposite effect. As for the company’s image - you have no illusions anymore. So what is this credibility all about?


    With real reviews it is like follows: the more positive reviews you have, the less negative ratings will affect your average value. False opinions not only fuel dissatisfied customers, but also look ridiculous and repetitive. They are displayed in waves, serial and worthless from the point of view of people searching for your company. 


    Hence, it is the easy way for Google to simply remove them, suspecting a scam. In the worst case, your account may even be blocked. And then, your elaborate plan goes to hell.


    Buy Google reviews without content! Here's the con of the century 


    You do not believe it? Then check how the stars alone will affect the number of customers. Internet users are really not stupid. They have seen many things and the lack of real opinions will sooner arouse more suspicion than trust.


    Add the fact that the content of the Google reviews influences positioning. Do you really want to give it up? Then you let your competition appear as the best answer to your query. And that isn't going to help you much, is it? 


    How to get positive reviews on Google without unpleasant consequences?


    Let's summarize. Are the people offering the feedback service saving your business? Rather, they lead you straight into trouble. When you buy Google reviews, you risk a lot and the effect can only be temporary. Such practice is also morally questionable. It can even be treated as an act of unfair competition. And the same service provider will probably agree to leave a series of negative reviews under your profile just as easily if someone pays them for it.


    So, instead of looking for salvation where there is none, look for a really strong ally. Rating Captain is an application to get real feedback. And also the entire review management system, i.e. reacting to them and drawing conclusions from them. All with the support of Big Data technology and machine learning.

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