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Customer reviews on a website. How to use the power of recommendations?

Hanna Bernikova
07/09/2022 | 5 min read
Customer reviews on a website. How to use the power of recommendations?

Table of contents

    What are you thinking of before making your next online purchase? About the price? Probably your attention is also caught by customer reviews regarding the company, the service you need. This is confirmed by the 3D Cart report, which says that clients are 71% more comfortable buying a product after reading reviews. Why not take advantage of such information and influence the buyer’s decision so that he will make a purchase in your online store and not choose your competitors.


    Importance of reviews in the sales process


    Analyze your actions and make sure you have a point in your business development strategy that is responsible for taking care of recommendations. Whether you have collected company reviews before or not yet, you need to know how they affect the sales of your brand’s products and services.


    Customer comment is the main social proof, which is believed by more than 90% of consumers. This proves that before making a purchase or using a service, consumers first read both negative and positive customer reviews of a company online. The client relies on a criterion such as the quality of customer service, namely professionalism in communicating with satisfied customers, as well as responding to reviews from dissatisfied clients. The response time is also important. Reading reviews is the first step before making a choice. The client who wants to order a product or service, does it with his eyes closed, without checking the condition of goods in person and without communicating directly with the seller. 


    The reviews are the only thing that can direct the buyer to an honest seller. On the other hand, an online store owner can influence a user’s purchasing decision by displaying customer reviews on the website. The more you present positive reviews, the more likely you can expect a greater influx of new buyers. But keep in mind that bad comments are also very important, through them you learn about the flaws and can draw conclusions about your product or service.


    customer reviews on a website – the power of recommendations


    Obtaining reviews about the company


    As you know, a small percentage of buyers are willing to share their buying experience. It’s not worth waiting for your clients! Learn some simple tips to obtain reviews from your clients and start collecting them today.


    Ask them to leave a recommendation


    If the client has made a purchase with your company, send them an invitation through the platform where the transaction was completed. Have them share their opinion about the buying process at your store. You can ask for reviews on the platforms: TripAdvisor, Google, Allegro, etc. Do not forget about regular customers as well. In this case, you can use the power of e-mail marketing and send an invitation to everyone to share their shopping experience.


    Be present on social media sites


    A great deal of time is spent by people on social media. So, it is advisable to create an account on Facebook, Instagram etc. and communicate with your clients. On social media, users are more likely to leave feedback, which can have a positive impact on overall brand trust. Explore new social media marketing efforts, what role they play in engaging customers to give recommendations. Read the article How to respond to negative company reviews on social media, and we additionally encourage you to check out the TikTok app – an amazing marketing medium.


    Make the commenting process easy


    Nobody likes to waste their time. Therefore, you should make the process of leaving feedback about your company as easy as possible. If you don’t know how to plan activities of this kind, just use a ready-made solution, such as Rating Captain – an application that helps you collect reviews from all review platforms in one place. It also has an option to analyze the review sentiment. With Rating Captain you will save your time and run only effective mailing campaigns. Check out the Rating Captain customer results here.


    How to show off reviews on your website and attract customers?


    Customer reviews are the best decoration for your business website. They not only show your ranking and comments of buyers, but also attract new potential consumers by creating trust in their hearts. However, the question arises how to present these reviews?


    The 21st century is a time of rapid technological advancement. But working together, programmers and marketers have come up with an innovative, yet very simple solution – widgets. Probably you are already wondering what tool to use to add such an element to your website. The aforementioned application – Rating Captain will also come in handy for this task. This platform uses the latest methods and techniques to help businesses improve their online brand image, identify customer service issues, and collect feedback from customers. However, the best part is that Rating Captain has the option to add customer feedback widgets that you can customize to match your visual identity. Sign up for an account on the app and see how easy it is.

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