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Google My Business Card. How to create a GMF card and verify a company account on Google?

Hanna Bernikova
11/12/2023 | 7 min read
Google My Business Card. How to create a GMF card and verify a company account on Google?

Table of contents

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    Almost every business owner knows after reading an article on our blog "What conclusions do customers draw from Google Maps reviews?" what Internet users think when evaluating a brand. With the information provided in this post, you will deepen your knowledge of managing your business online and learn why it is worth creating a Google My Business account. 


    GMF - managing your business online 


    Have you ever heard the phrase "Every business should have a GMF profile"? No? Google My Business, or GMF for short, is one of Google's services, specifically a free tool that helps position your business online and provides basic information about it. Creating a business profile on Google My Business is the first step to appearing in Google Maps and plays a significant role in increasing brand visibility online. Check out how to create a business profile on Google My Business here


    Your business profile appears in Google in 2 cases:


    1. Entering a specific business name in the search engine. In this case, the Google search results will display the business profile with the main characteristics of the company. 
    2. General search, e.g. location, industry. Potential customers can find your business on Google Maps using these keywords. 


    But remember, in the Google Maps panel, your competitors are also presented in the search results. So it's worth standing out among them so that users choose you. Customer reviews and ratings can help with this. The more positive comments your company receives, the better users will perceive you. If you want to gather as many reviews as possible or improve your business profile, take advantage of the modern Rating Captain application. It is a tool that facilitates the process of managing your company's reputation online. Check out how IdeaShirt improved their customer service here


    Verifying your business profile


    Verifying your business profile is a necessary step after creating a business account on Google Maps. This process protects against the activation of fake profiles on Google. There are several ways to verify your business profile:


    1. Postcard. The most popular verification method, which is of course related to the location of the business. By choosing this option, you will receive a verification code by mail, which will be valid for 30 days from the date of receiving the package.
    2. Phone call. This method is proposed for those who already have a GMF account and is very quick to perform. An automated call will provide you with a unique verification code. 
    3. Email. This method is rarely available. The verification code is sent to the company's email.
    4. Google Search Console. To use verification through Google Search Console, it is worth linking your business profile to the aforementioned tool. Check if your website is connected to GSC before entering your business location on Google. 
    5. Bulk verification. This applies to businesses with more than 10 locations. This method involves filling out a special spreadsheet that must contain information about each business location. 
    6. SMS. This is a very fast but also one of the rarely available verification methods. You should receive an SMS containing a special code. 
    7. Trusted Verifier. Trusted Verifier is a Google My Business partner who verifies newly created businesses by personally visiting the company and checking certain business documents. 



    Google My Business services 


    Having a Google My Business profile helps gather information both from customers and business owners. Below are some of the GMF services described.


    Business information


    Have you ever come across a business profile in Google search results? I think so! The most important information that customers look for includes the website, business address, opening hours, phone number, or email address. Additionally, you can add the business category (e.g., online store, restaurant), attributes (e.g., payment methods), and description. It is also important to include photos of the company, such as the team, inside and outside the office, logo, and a 30-second video. 




    If you have a blog or want to provide additional information about your business, use the "Posts" option in GMF, which offers 5 types of posts:


    • COVID-19. Posts informing about changes related to the pandemic, such as changes in working hours, safety and hygiene requirements, etc.
    • Events. Promoting company events, such as hosting an educational webinar. There is an option to choose any button.
    • Updates. This type of post can contain information about recent news, such as the opening of a new store. Similar to "Events," there is an option to choose a button.
    • Products. Describing selected products from the "Products" section in your Google profile. Product posts cannot be shared. 
    • Offers. Presenting sales or promotional offers. By adding this post, you can choose the start and end date of the offer, and an "View offer" button will be automatically displayed in the Google business profile for customers.




    Google collects all possible data regarding your business profile. It shows you how customers find your profile, most commonly through search engines and Google Maps. In the Insights panel, you will also find information about views, organic actions, and Google Ads. Google also provides statistics on customer interactions with your business (Source:


    • How your profile was found,
    • Searches by keyword,
    • How customers found your business on Google,
    • Customer actions,
    • Directions-related searches,
    • Phone call attempts,
    • Photo views,
    • Business visibility and awareness.




    When choosing a local business, 60% of Internet users check reviews on Google My Business (according to Review42). This is essential for analyzing how a company handles customer feedback. Everyone wants to be heard, especially a customer who has had a negative purchasing experience. That's why Google created the "Reviews" tab in the business profile, allowing other consumers to compare the reputation of different companies and make informed choices. Read and find out how to effectively manage Google reviews here.


    Remember not to delete negative comments. Sometimes false reviews from competitors occur, so it's important to know how to deal with fake reviews. We have already written about this on our blog, read about it here.




    One of the benefits of having your business profile on Google is effective communication with customers. With the "Messaging" service, which includes "Chat" and "SMS," available on the mobile version of the search engine, you can provide high-quality customer service. By clicking the "Ask a question" button, users can ask questions without switching to your website. If you are interested in this option, you should install a special application from Google Play or the App Store. As the owner, you have 24 hours to respond; otherwise, this feature will be blocked on your Google account. 




    The "Products" service is most commonly chosen by owners of online stores. As the name suggests, this option allows you to add products that you sell in your store. All the information you need to complete this section includes the product name, description, price, photos, and category. Additionally, you can choose any button for a specific product.


    There is also a paid version of "Products" - Google Shopping. This tool promotes your products by displaying them in the top results of search queries, which helps increase your company's visibility. If you want to run an effective product campaign, read more about it here




    An entrepreneur is someone who not only runs their business but also keeps up with current trends. If you want your company to succeed, it is worth observing not only your industry but also the market as a whole. Nowadays, most people rely on online activities: online shopping, online studies, remote work. To avoid losing potential customers, take advantage of the tool we discussed in this article - Google My Business - and take control of your online visibility and business reviews. 

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