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How to build company's image? Definition and ideas for creating a brand image

Patrycja Lisowska
23/03/2022 | 4 min read
How to build company's image? Definition and ideas for creating a brand image

Table of contents

    The company's image is developed based on our experience with the brand. It's a mixture of consumers' associations with the brand, but also conscious creation of the company's image. Just like personality distinguishes us from others, the image of the company allows you to emphasize your unique identity. From the article, you'll learn how to create and make your image popular in order to shape a strong brand identity. 


    What is a company image? 


    Let's start analyzing and exploring the topic of creating an image by familiarizing ourselves with the basic definition of an image. The image of the company is the way in which a given brand functions in the minds of customers. It's created primarily as a result of contacts with a given company and it consists of our experience and ideas about it. In a broader sense, the image of the company is also included in the culture of the organization, it's reflected in its visual identification (e.g. logo). When building a positive image, companies try to effectively manage the brand's reputation, but the final assessment of the company's image is in the hands of customers. To sum up, building the brand's image consists of conscious actions of the company, which lead to increasing its recognition and building positive associations with current and potential customers. On the other hand, the image is customers' perception of the brand based on their interaction with the product or service.


    How to build a positive company's image?


    When building an advantage over the compatitors, companies mustn't forget to define their own identity and values. It's about the intangible aspect of the company, i.e. the way we talk about our product or service. It turns out that consumers are more likely to come into contact with brands that share similar values. So how do you define a consistent brand image? It's a good idea to start with the foundation, that is, defining the mission and vision of the company and its goals. This is also the moment to think what distinguishes our company from the competition. Once we understand what values make us unique in the eyes of customers, we still need to take a close look at the target group itself. Understanding its needs and motivation is the last step towards creating an effective marketing strategy (e.g. advertising, social media, blog, newsletter). Moreover, the brand value system developed in this way will allow us to create the desired image of the company.


    How to create and measure a corporate image?


    Just like a parson, every brand needs a personality. It allows us to stand out from similar companies, proves our uniqueness, and above all, is the key to building the company's image. Remember to choose the right tools for this purpose, taking care of the image of your brand. Here, we can use here activities from the field of public relations and monitor reviews of our product on the Internet. It's also worth developing a customer relationship management strategy that allows you to take care of your company's reputation and respond to customers' suggestions. Let's also not forget about measuring the effects of our actions. There are many ways to monitor a brand image, so it's worth taking a closer look at them. You can do it by using, among others, consumer satisfaction surveys and analysis of brand mentions online, also in social media.


    Creating an image will allow us to anchor in the minds of consumers. Therefore, no matter what stage of your business development you are at, you need to care for an effective image strategy. Tools such as Rating Captain come in handy and they help to manage customer feedback on the Internet. 

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