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How to respond to negative reviews? 5 ready-made responses

Katarzyna Chomąt
24/11/2023 | 6 min read
How to respond to negative reviews? 5 ready-made responses

Table of contents

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    A company without a negative opinion is like a soldier without a rifle. No matter how hard you try, a negative opinion will eventually appear on your Google My Business card or social media profile. Do you know what to do to save your reputation and prevent a crisis? The answer is the right response to customer comments. Furthermore, with the proper response, you can win potential customers. So, find out how to respond to negative comments and turn them to your advantage.


    How to remove negative customer comments? - Not this way!


    When your company receives a bad review, one of your first thoughts may be to remove it. While it may be relatively easy to do so in your Google Maps business card (by reporting the review if it violates the terms of service), it won't be as easy on social media, especially if the customer is persistent and shares their opinion wherever they can. Instead of wasting time and trying various ways to remove the review, respond to it and describe the situation from your perspective.


    Of course, if the review is vulgar or in any way violates the service's terms of service, you can report it. However, you are not certain when or if the comment will be removed. And even if the comment is removed, your potential customers may have read it by then. Therefore, a quick and professional response from your company is the key to handling the situation. Furthermore, an unhappy customer wants to be heard and wants their problem to be solved. So, don't turn your back on the customer, but meet them halfway.


    How to respond to negative reviews about your company?


    Responding to negative comments is not an easy task, but it's worth it. It turns out that customers who read a company's response to a negative review have a 186% greater likelihood of making a purchase compared to customers who don't see a response. I think you can already see the potential that responding to negative reviews on the Internet brings, so it's time to learn the best practices.


    It's also worth remembering the Service Recovery Paradox. This term refers to a situation in which a customer rates a company better after the company resolves a service problem compared to how they would perceive it if the service had been flawlessly executed. That's why it's important to respond to negative reviews and attempt to solve the customer's problem.


    5 principles of responding to negative reviews


    Treat responding to customer reviews as a strategic action - there is no place for emotions here (except those that will help you put yourself in the customer's shoes). Remember that even a simple apology will be better received by potential customers than no response at all.


    Respond to criticism as quickly as possible

    This is how you show that you take your customers seriously. A professional entrepreneur is not afraid of confrontation and carefully monitors their business cards and profiles. Time truly plays a significant role here, so we recommend responding to negative comments within 24 hours of the review appearing. Proper tools can facilitate a quick response. By using them, you will receive real-time notifications of new reviews.


    Your company is professional

    When responding to a negative review, do not panic and refrain from a spontaneous reaction. Take a deep breath, or even two, and calmly compose your response. Avoid using formal language that may seem artificial to customers. Thank the customer for their review, as this shows them that you listen to their needs. Remember that your response will be publicly visible, so anyone who comes across it will read it.


    Acknowledge the author of the negative comment

    Start your response with an apology, but do not seek excuses. Stick to the facts, which means the situation described by the customer, and focus on fixing the mistake. This way, you will surely alleviate the situation. You will also show users that you are not afraid of confrontation and actually welcome dialogue because you care about the continuous development of your company and adapting to the needs of customers.


    Offer compensation

    Consider how your company can compensate for the unpleasant situation. Brands often decide to offer dissatisfied customers a discount on future purchases. In your response, you can also inform them about the changes that will be implemented to prevent a similar situation from happening in the future.


    Invite them to contact you privately

    In your response, assure the customer that you want to clarify the situation and provide your contact information for this purpose. Try to move the conversation to a phone call or email. Why is this important? Everything that other customers need to see is included in your response. Additionally, by suggesting private contact, you show that you approach each customer individually. This way, you can propose beneficial solutions in any situation.


    5 ready-made responses to negative reviews


    Good day, Mrs. Maria, thank you for your opinion and constructive criticism. We will pass your suggestions on to the appropriate departments. Of course, we will analyze all these recommendations and make every effort to improve the quality of our services. Best regards!


    Ms. Anna, we are very sorry that you are not satisfied with our product. However, we promise that we are taking your opinion into account. Our consultants will contact you to clarify the situation and offer compensation. Best regards!


    Thank you for sharing your opinion, as we have already made changes based on your suggestions. However, please do not be discouraged, as we are confident that we will meet your expectations.


    Ms. Natalia, we apologize for this situation. We always strive to provide our services at the highest level and approach each customer individually. We are very interested in resolving the matter, so please contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to your message.


    Mr. Jakub, we are sorry for the situation that occurred. However, thank you for sharing your feedback. We will take a closer look at the packaging issue and implement new solutions. We hope this will not discourage you from using our services again. Best regards!




    I hope you now understand why it is worth responding to reviews about your company. Remember that providing a response will make the customer feel heard, and in this way, you can change their attitude towards your brand. Keep in mind that a customer who encounters problems with your service or product but sees that you rectify the mistakes and compensate them will be more loyal to your brand than a customer who goes through the entire process without any issues.


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