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Promotional tools that will help your company succeed

Katarzyna Chomąt
11/12/2023 | 6 min read
Promotional tools that will help your company succeed

Table of contents

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    Promoting a company online requires implementing various marketing activities, starting from website positioning and ending with PR actions. During the execution of many of them, as well as when making key decisions for further brand development, it is worth using dedicated tools. You will find plenty of them on the market, so we have prepared a list for you of those that will help you effectively promote your company and offer on the Internet.


    Internet monitoring and public relations tools


    One of the marketing tasks that should be performed to take care of the brand image is Internet monitoring. For this purpose, it is worth looking into Brand24, a practical tool that analyzes mentions of the brand, products, and industry in the network. Thanks to this, you can reach places on the Internet where your target audience is active, find influential people and start cooperating with them, as well as simply join the discussion.



    When monitoring the Internet, do not forget about customer reviews. In the Rating Captain application, you can check the reviews appearing on various review portals, so you can quickly respond to comments using just one tool. Additionally, thanks to AI algorithms, the application will indicate the reason and degree of customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), so you can easily react to the feedback. In Rating Captain, you will also find a range of functionalities that help you understand your customers, build trust in them, and make them stay with you longer.


    Social media promotion tools


    Social media marketing has become a standard for conducting promotional activities for most companies. Therefore, there is an increasing number of tools that allow you to create posts, plan, and search for hashtags. One of such tools is PromoRepublic, where you will find a feature for planning posts in Autopilot mode, so that the scheduled posts will be published at the best time to achieve the widest reach. You will also find an editor for creating posts. Another tool worth considering is Social Champ, where you can also plan posts, check their results, and receive content suggestions.

    PromoRepublic Post Calendar


    Social Champ Panel


    A good idea for long-term but effective promotion of new products and the company in general in social media is storytelling, which means creating a brand story and building a narrative around the product or service, because a brand is not just a logo. To achieve this goal, short videos and Instagram and Facebook stories will work best. Currently, there are plenty of applications available that help create beautiful videos and graphics. However, it is important to maintain moderation and focus on authenticity and naturalness. Short videos showing behind-the-scenes of the company work great here. If you need tools, you can check out Canva, where you will find hundreds of free templates, photos, videos, and graphics that will make your stories aesthetic and consistent with your visual identity. For video editing, you may find the CapCut application useful.


    Content marketing, or distributing attractive and useful content


    Promoting a brand through content is time-consuming, but through such activities, you build an expert position in your field. Moreover, publishing content affects visibility in search results. To check topics that will interest potential audiences, it is worth checking Answer the Public. After entering a keyword, the tool will suggest the most frequently searched questions related to it. If you have a Google Ads account, you can use the keyword planner to check the popularity of a specific keyword.


    Search results in Answer The Public



    Once you know the article topic, it's time to start writing. A tool that will facilitate and largely help in creating valuable content is Contadu. The tool helps optimize content for a specific keyword. You will find a text editor with word suggestions, ideas for headlines, and a text ease indicator. In addition, the tool provides information about competition, content effectiveness, and analyzes the visibility of the created texts.



    Effective email marketing tool


    Email can also be a promotional tool, but to be effective, you need to remember a few elements. First of all, it is worth building your own email list, as this way you will reach people who are interested in your brand. In addition, each email campaign should have a specific goal. When it comes to the content of the emails, make sure to personalize the messages and include CTAs. Don't forget to analyze the campaign results, as this will help you understand the preferences of your audience and make your newsletters more engaging. Instead of creating only sales messages, focus on providing valuable content that will build your position as an expert.


    To conduct email marketing activities, you can use, for example, GetResponse, where you can use free templates or create your own, as well as send autoresponders, manage your contact list, and check statistics. In addition, the tool allows you to create conversion funnels, web push notifications, sign-up forms, landing pages, and webinars.



    Video marketing tools


    Video is a form of promotion and advertising that allows consumers to see the product almost live. This motivates them to make a purchase. Video also helps build brand awareness and educate the audience. You can create both short videos and longer films depending on the topic. A tool that can be useful during editing is InShot. In this application, you can trim videos, add music, adjust volume and speed, and add captions and filters. You can also create videos from photos and graphics.


    For editing longer forms, it is worth using dedicated tools, such as HitFilm Express. The tool is relatively simple for beginners and includes a large database of effects, allowing you to edit each video in an original way. HitFilm Express also allows you to replace the green screen with any background and create 2D and 3D compositions. There are plenty of tutorials available online on how to use this program, which is a great help.


    Editor in HitFilm Express


    The importance of promotion in increasing online sales


    Effectively promoting a brand helps not only reach customers but also build a relationship with them. However, remember to tailor your actions to your business and niche. You don't have to do everything, your company doesn't have to have a profile on every social media platform. It's important to be where potential customers are. Therefore, analyzing your actions, improving them, and excluding those that do not bring results is crucial. The same applies to tools. The ones mentioned in the article are just examples of programs and applications that can help you, but feel free to use others. Just test and choose the tools that speed up and improve your actions.


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