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Social media and promotion – five benefits of Internet monitoring

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
17/03/2021 | 4 min read
Social media and promotion – five benefits of Internet monitoring

Table of contents

    You run a company. Your business may be doing quite well, but you wonder if you can generate more revenue from it. Maybe you are not in the best situation right now, but you do not know what you are doing wrong. What do entrepreneurs usually do in such situations?


    They come up with new products and services based on guesswork. Market research is conducted in a superficial way or they give up on it altogether. They treat Internet monitoring as a strange invention that they don’t need in order to function. You know what they say about such companies? Business – a spectre. It lives only in the boss’s mind. 


    It’s a road to nowhere. Find out how to sell more effectively by tracking mentions of your business on social media.


    Get to know your customers better by monitoring social media


    A good offer must respond to a real demand. Otherwise, you will have to go through the ordeal of creating desires in the minds of your customers. By monitoring social media, you find out what they are dealing with every day. Thus, you can solve their problems more effectively and give them exactly what they want.


    By the way, you will learn a lot about how they live, what they value and where to find them. This will give you a competitive advantage right from the start.



    Do you know your buyers? Media monitoring will make your dialogue easier


    People who buy from you often share opinions later. If you do not use media monitoring, you may not know about it. However, observation is only the first step. You can interact with your customers. Thus, you will strengthen the established relationship and increase your recognizability.


    Such a dialogue may even lead to a sale, when an Internet user searches the web for reviews about you. Even if this does not happen, you will show yourself as a professional. Your responses will be read by subsequent browsers, which will encourage them to take advantage of your offer.


    Internet and social media monitoring will help you choose a site for your advertising campaigns


    Are you betting on good marketing campaigns, but they don’t bring you the expected results? Perhaps you post them not where they should be. In a web monitoring tool, you can compare the number of mentions of your topic in different social media. This will help you choose the best space for your ads.


    What will you achieve this way? By paying less for your campaign, you will generate much more revenue.


    Social media monitoring allows you to better handle a business crisis


    Media monitoring will not always bring you only pleasant information. With its help, you also find out what you are irritating your customers with. However, negative reviews should not scare you as long as you draw the right conclusions from them. Knowledge is power. You can change your course of action before a bad review has time to spread.


    Modern content marketing relies on word from customers


    Do you know what the most successful marketers do before they put even a single letter in the text they write for social media? They collect data. They record the wording used by potential content consumers. What impression does this leave on readers? They feel understood perfectly, as if someone took their own thoughts out of their heads. Thus, the barrier of distrust is blown away.


    You can stick to your old methods. However, using Internet monitoring you will achieve much better results and in a record time period.

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