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How to gather customer feedback? 10 methods to acquire positive recommendations

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
11/12/2023 | 7 min read
How to gather customer feedback? 10 methods to acquire positive recommendations

Table of contents

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    Do you know what rule governs opinions? The rule of disproportion. If your client is satisfied, they rarely leave a review. Maybe they will tell 2-3 acquaintances about you. But what happens if you disappoint them? About 15 people will learn about their opinion. In addition, the chance of receiving a negative written review increases disproportionately in such a situation.


    An angry person is more motivated. This phenomenon does not work in your favor.


    Is it worth collecting positive reviews? Who reads them at all?


    As many as 82% of consumers openly admit that they regularly read recommendations before making a purchase. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Buyers tend to position themselves in opposition to your company from the start. You play the role of the bad guy who is trying to take money out of their pockets. Only people who have used your offer and have taken the time to recommend it can stand on their side.


    How to deal with this dilemma? How to encourage buyers to repay you with kind words for a well-performed service or products that you carefully select for them?


    Learn how to collect customer reviews in multiple ways. Each of the methods mentioned here will be helpful. However, only comprehensive marketing activities in this area will allow you to dispel doubts about the quality you offer once and for all.


    What does collecting customer reviews enable?


    1. Satisfaction survey questionnaires
    2. Review widgets on the website
    3. Comments on the blog
    4. Product reviews
    5. Google Maps reviews
    6. Social media
    7. Auction portals
    8. Review websites
    9. Product and service testing
    10. Thoughtful reward system


    Below you will find an explanation of each of these methods. If their number overwhelms you, don't worry. This whole process can be largely automated.



    Satisfaction survey questionnaires


    It is natural that you care about positive reviews. They are the ones that build trust in your brand and serve as social proof that convinces more customers. However, striving for the ideal situation makes no sense.


    Your actions should focus on providing the opportunity for every buyer to leave a review. And then? It is worth encouraging satisfied buyers to use this option and quickly resolve the problems of those who express their reservations.


    A satisfaction survey questionnaire will be a fantastic tool for you. Send it by email when the customer has had enough time to try your product. If the survey result is positive, thank them for their time and ask for a review. Also, indicate where it can be done. Is the customer disappointed? Help them as soon as possible. This way, you also build your reputation.


    Review widget on the company website


    Many company websites feature reviews in the form of a carousel. You can, of course, have full control over its content.


    Another option is a simple widget in the form of an icon. When clicked, it opens a dedicated page with recommendations for the user to see. You can also allow visitors to add their own references.


    Comments on blog articles


    Do you write a blog? It is a great way to deepen your relationship with customers. Modern consumers want to know what you have to say. They want to see that they are dealing with an expert, read useful advice, and learn about the values you uphold.


    Enable the commenting option. This way, you can engage in an open dialogue with your customers.


    Place for product reviews


    Do you have good product descriptions? Do you include all the necessary information? Do you present the benefits of using them? Do you add photos and videos? Now think about how large online retailers collect customer reviews.


    They allow customers to ask questions. What's more, not only the customer service department but also other buyers can provide answers. This way, you enliven your marketing and genuinely encourage people to engage on your website.


    Google Reviews - Google Maps listing


    Do you know which online platform consumers most often associate with reviews? Google Maps. Creating a profile on Google My Business is often the basis of marketing for Polish entrepreneurs.


    Companies offering services benefit the most from this. Not only do they build their image, but they also attract customers who are looking for service providers nearby.


    Collecting customer reviews on social media


    Is it easy? Yes, if you already have your business profile. Regularly managing it is, of course, a challenge. However, if you share useful information, present new products, and do it in an interesting way for customers, the question is rather: how to collect customer reviews even more effectively?


    You have an influence on that. Engage in a dialogue with commenters. Offer them help. Make them feel welcome here. This way, you will increase your reach and build a brand that people want to buy from.



    Encourage customers to rate on auction portals


    Many sales portals have a built-in automated process for collecting reviews. It is worth taking advantage of this service for at least two reasons. First of all, the higher your ratings, the more orders you receive. Secondly, an auction portal can act as an arbitrator if there is a transaction dispute between you and the buyer.


    Customer reviews on review websites


    We have become so accustomed to social media that we forget about Opineo or Ceneo. Meanwhile, some consumers go there to find reviews about a company. Therefore, include these places in your online review acquisition plan.


    How to collect customer reviews in a new company?


    You now know 8 ways to obtain recommendations. Are you a newly established entrepreneur? In that case, you may have many doubts. The methods mentioned here are undoubtedly useful. But you need reviews here and now for anyone to notice you.


    Your solution may be product testing and free services. Just gather a small group of people and offer them the opportunity to try your offer at no cost. The only condition will be to send feedback in return.


    You can treat such action as an investment. Satisfied customers usually repay not only with a written review but also with word-of-mouth recommendations. This sets in motion a promotional machine and allows you to start your business as a professional.


    Rewards for recommendations? Be careful with ethics!


    The last method may raise some doubts. Companies sometimes offer a discount for leaving a review, organize a contest for the best review, or introduce a loyalty program with rewards for commenting.


    Is it effective? Yes. Is it ethical? It depends. If you do not suggest that the review should be positive, everything is fine. Otherwise, you will lower trust in your brand instead of strengthening it.


    Negative reviews and GDPR. Is there anything to be afraid of?


    Absolutely not. When a customer posts a review themselves, nothing happens. If you want to quote a review on your website or in the media that was obtained via email, you need to obtain the author's consent. This is especially important if you want to include their personal data under the review.


    And what about negative reviews? Thank them wholeheartedly. They allow you to see that something is not working in your company. When you know what doesn't work, you can fix it. As a result, you will reduce the number of negative reviews in the future.


    And how is it? Quite a lot, right? Are you wondering how you will manage so many places where customers will leave reviews? Fortunately, there are tools for this. Familiarize yourself with them if you want to speed up the process of obtaining reviews and make it easier for yourself.

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