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How to post a Google review?

Katarzyna Chomąt
19/11/2020 | 2 min read
 How to post a Google review?

Table of contents

    Adding a business to Google Maps will allow your customers to express their opinion about your business. Do you run a shop? Do you offer services? You don't exist without a Google Business Card. Almost all consumers will check how you are doing before they take advantage of your offer.


    My Business in Google Maps - why is adding your business to Google so important? 


    If you already have Google My Business, reviews are going to work as a perpetual motion machine. Huge amount of stars in the ranking attract new potential customers, who are able to generate further positive reviews. If clients see negative comments on your Google Business Card it is almost certain they’ll start considering the quality of your services.


    It doesn’t mean you should stop trying to acquire new opinions. Negative reputation on the web can be effectively counteracted, by acting reliably and precisely responding to the needs of buyers. During certain times people don’t believe in informations available only on the website. The most effective tool to acquire new customers is reviewing system. People are curious what others think about your services, so if you add your business to Google maps, by building positive reputability, you are going to achieve success. 


    My business in Google Maps


    What should customers do to evaluate your business in Google Maps?


    Reviewing system is quite easy going. First step is opening Google Maps in your browser. Customers are able to search your company, by using window with magnifying glass symbol, but some different methods also exist. Clients quite often are looking for the company by specific industry and approximate address.


    Further click in the name of the business to open the menu containing more informations. A window appears on the left side of the screen on the computer. In the mobile application, it is located at the bottom. In the next step scroll down the menu to the review section. Finally the customer is able to write own opinion, assessing the company in the stars system


    Adding recommendations will be much easier if you send your customers a link to Google Business Card containing a request for evaluation. You will find a link redirecting to your business on Google Maps in your Google My Business profile after clicking the "share" button.

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