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Online reviews – how to get feedback on products in an online store?

Karol Bocheński
29/08/2020 | 5 min read
Online reviews – how to get feedback on products in an online store?

Table of contents

    Almost all customers check reviews on the Internet before making a purchase. People want to know if they are dealing with a reliable company. They are interested in your behavior in case of a complaint. This way they make sure that everything will go smoothly. Therefore, what do you need to do to successfully attract new customers to your business? Take care of recommendations.


    Do you want to learn how to get reviews? Not sure how to handle criticism? Need more positive comments? This article will show you how modern marketing works. You can apply the following tips to any industry.


    How to give feedback on Google Maps profile?


    You can check your feedback by clicking on a business profile in Google Maps. Remember, it can always be better. Is your rating 5 stars? You can get more comments. The more high ratings you get, the harder it is to lower your ranking. If you have not yet managed to cross the four-star threshold, do not let your guard down. The situation on the market changes dynamically. And you have a huge influence on it.


    Today’s consumer gives ratings at every opportunity. All you have to do is give them the opportunity. Of course, you have to do it effectively.


    Paid comments or real customer reviews? Which of them is worth acquiring?


    At this point it is worth making a small digression. On the web you can find offers to give reviews for money. However, such actions are not profitable. The reason for negative comments are real problems. If you do not solve them, your real customers will continue to give you low ratings. Therefore, this kind of behavior is not only unethical, but also ineffective.


    A much better solution is to improve your service.


    Do you want to collect feedback? Create opportunities to do so


    Creating a Google My Business account won’t take you long. Just fill out a simple form to get started. Take care of your presence on other opinion-generating portals as well. Currently, Facebook and Opineo are the most important. You can also use price comparison services, such as Ceneo, Nokaut or Skąpiec. It is also a good idea to post customer reviews on the store’s official website.


    The next step is to automate your online store. This will make collecting reviews really easy.


    You have an influence on whether a customer will want to post a review on Google


    Do you know what a professional request for feedback looks like? Create a message that the system will send to your customers. The content must be short and friendly. Remind the buyers what they bought from you. Write that their review is important to you. Justify your request. Finally, wish them a nice day and thank for choosing your offer.


    Automatic request must also contain a link to the portal where you want to obtain the review. Don’t make the consumer search for the company themselves. This is unprofessional.


    Standardizing messages makes feedback management faster. It also turns off the human factor. After all, you don’t want your employee to write a message one day that reads: “Hey, give us five stars! Thanks!” Claims are not welcomed by consumers.


    How do you motivate consumers to give you valuable feedback?


    You can encourage your customers to post comments in several ways. Offering a discount or free shipping on their next order is the best way. People like discounts. With this method, you can gain feedback and at the same time encourage repeat purchases in your store.


    How is this request different from buying reviews? You are offering a benefit in exchange for a comment. However, you do not suggest that it has to be positive. It’s up to the consumer to decide.


    In addition to sending a message, you can also include a flyer with your request for feedback. In stationary stores, stickers placed on the store window can encourage people to post their reviews. If you want to collect a large number of comments in a short time, organize a contest. Attractive prizes will attract new customers, which will contribute to the company’s promotion.


    When to ask for recommendation in an on-line store?


    Every time when something went well. The order reached the customer in record time? Ask for a review. Got a product at a better price than the competition? Do the same.


    Good feedback comes from doing the right thing. Providing comprehensive answers to questions. Careful packaging of products. Responding quickly to difficulties. Are you trying to take care of this on a daily basis? Keep doing it. Just supplement your actions with acquiring reviews at the perfect time.


    Respond correctly to negative and positive online reviews


    Your reaction to comments is to encourage others to express their own reviews. Respond quickly to negative feedback. Surprise dissatisfied customers with a friendly approach. Solve their problems.


    Positive recommendations require a response within 24 hours. A satisfied customer temporarily does not need you. He is ready to wait. However, he will be pleased and remember you for a long time when you thank him.

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