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How to respond to negative comments and reviews about your company?

Karol Bocheński
15/09/2020 | 4 min read
How to respond to negative comments and reviews about your company?

Table of contents

    Is the appearance of negative customer feedback the beginning of an end for your brand? Of course not! But should we pay attention to them? Definitely yes. Brand transparency is extremely important for today’s consumer.


    Social media or business profile on Google Maps are definitely a “must have” for any company these days. This is where we show our potential customers what stands behind our brand and build its image. Social media is also a place where companies can have a dialogue with their users. Unfortunately, sometimes these can be difficult conversations. Consumers are not always happy with our services and share negative reviews as well as critical comments. What then?


    Users and their negative reviews – is the customer always right?


    It is commonly heard that we should not argue with the customers and we should accept all their criticism. Constructive criticism is worth more than the best compliments. It allows us as a company to become better every day and respond even better to our customers’ needs. Thanks to this a brand can build a reputation of one that listens to people and wants to have a dialogue with them. That is why it is so important to react to negative reviews and respond to comments. However, it is worth noting that each of the comments requires proper verification. Bad reviews may also be issued by Internet users who have never had contact with our product or services. Of course, we should care about solving the problem, but it is worth considering whether we have fallen victim to a fake review.


    niegative coment


    How to respond to negative comments and protect the company’s image?


    As mentioned earlier, before you start responding to reviews, verify that you have not been the victim of a false review. Approach each comment – whether positive or negative – with professionalism. If you suspect that a comment made by an Internet user is not reflected in reality, consider reporting it. You can report such a rating for verification on the portal on which it was found. Depending on the portal, the procedures are slightly different, but whether on Google or Facebook, everything is described in detail, which allows you to take the right steps.


    Dissatisfied customer, criticism. How to turn a negative review into something good?


    If we have already ruled out the possibility of receiving a false review and we know that the fault lies with us, we should take the following steps. Above all, try to get in touch with the customer as soon as possible. These days every second matters, and dissatisfied consumers especially do not like to wait. At first, it’s a good idea to apologize. Then try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and see the whole thing from their perspective. It’s just like in a social relationship. If someone sees that you actually noticed the problem and you try to see their point of view, the chances of resolving the conflict peacefully increase significantly. Be calm and cultured. Even if you don’t completely agree with a review and the customer is arguing strongly, remain polite and don’t allow yourself to be provoked. The less negativity, the better for both parties. It may seem trivial, but remember to use correct spelling. Writing with spelling errors will definitely not build your authority, and may only make things worse.


    To avoid discouraging your customer from your brand, consider some form of compensation. Do you run a restaurant? Offer a free dish. If you own a clothing store, send new clothes or a discount code. In this way, we can turn our initial failure into something positive. A dissatisfied guest will not turn away from us forever. With a professional approach and a successful resolution, it is very possible that he will give us a second chance.


    Who should respond to negative comments? Why is this so important?


    It is a good idea for every company to have a customer service department that monitors all reviews on an ongoing basis and can respond quickly to negative comments. Why do we recommend being aware of online comments and managing them appropriately? This way we build the image of a brand that is open and sensitive to consumer feedback.

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