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Customer satisfaction management - how to measure and market relations with contractors?

Agnieszka Szczepanowska

Client satisfaction has huge impact on obtaining profits from your entrepreneurship. Satisfied user not only return to your offer, but also help you with building the reputation of your brand you create. Would you like to increase your budget? Get to know what are the real needs of your customers. You are able to measure client’s satisfaction for a few simple ways. 


Client satisfaction - what it really is? 


Customer satisfaction based on three main factors. What is important, every factor has influence for other elements. 

  • Quality of product and services
  • Customer service 
  • Consumer expectations towards the purchase 


As you can see entrepreneurs have an impact on the first two factors of customer satisfaction. The third one is highly subjective and changeable. I It can be shaped to some extent through effective advertising. Anyway it is important to know buyers expectations before introducing a new product to the offer.


The assessment of quality goods or services particularly depends on specific features of the product's performance. Consumers expect the product will solve their problem. They also pay attention to the packaging and the informations it contains. The case when customers are attached to a given brand, perfectly shows the influence of the elements of satisfaction on each other. Value for money is also important. 


In current times customer service is on a really high level. Therefore your sellers should make every effort to increase the level of consumer satisfaction. They have to know products from the offer, even better than an entrepreneur. Every seller should characterize high culture and open mind. Customers pay attention to the details, such as the well decorated interior or aesthetic of the website. 


Regardless of whether they make online or stationary purchases, it must be convenient and pleasant for them.



What is customer satisfaction measurement?


Level of customer satisfaction is determined by special indicators. The most popular are CSI and NPS. 


Simple surveys are used in CSI research. The questions relate to specific product features. The respondent answers how he rates a given property on the given scale. It also informs how important it is for him that the product should have it. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur can gain insight into the real expectations of consumers and adapt his offer to them.


Determining the NPS index is based on a completely different approach.The respondents are asked about the probability of recommending a specific product to their friends. This way allows to divide respondents for critics, indifferent people and brand promoters. Then, it is determined what percentage of the total number of respondents are each group. The last step is just subtracting the number of critics from the number of promoters. The higher the score, the greater the customer satisfaction.


Marketing surveys are not only one method of measuring consumer satisfaction. It is possible to analyze negative reviews and messages with complainants related to your business. Useful and worthy would be also contacting your lately customers, who stopped buying your products. If you find out the reason for resignation, you are able to create a new, effective strategy for the future. 


What is a customer satisfaction survey for?


Based on satisfaction measurement you can identify the main sources of problems, which gives you the possibility to check the quality of consumer service in your company. Further you will be able to develop new recommendations for your employees. You will also verify that the offer is adjusted to the expectations of consumers. Thanks to knowing your buyers, you’ll find out how to reach them with promotion. By the gradual actions you are able to increase the amount of buyers and ensure their loyalty to your business. 


When to manage customer satisfaction?


You can take care of customer satisfaction in every stage of your activity. 

Based on research you are able to:


  • Adjust rate of introduction of new products to the market 
  • Respond to demand to a product or service already in offer
  • Take care of solving real consumer problems
  • Ensure your clients high quality customer service
  • Change dissatisfied contractors into returning ones
  • Stay in touch with buyers
  • Increase efficiency of all marketing activities 
  • Build positive brand imagine 


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Agnieszka Szczepanowska
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