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Video marketing as an element of content marketing strategy

Katarzyna Chomąt
22/03/2021 | 8 min read
Video marketing as an element of content marketing strategy

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    Image is a simple form of communication used since the beginning of civilization. It reaches the audience best, thus brands are eager to use it in marketing messages. Currently technology enables to create moving images, which makes the message even more attractive. Check what benefits video marketing brings and how to use its potential.


    Effectiveness of video marketing in numbers


    The 2020 IAB Poland report entitled ‘TV + WWW = Razem lepiej’ (TV + WWW = Better Together) reports that nearly 90% of Internet users indicate watching short video materials as one of their most frequent online activities. As it turns out, user actions significantly affect conversions, attested by 80% of marketers using video. They claim that such content directly helps increase sales (data from Wyzowl’s report The State of Video Marketing 2020). 


    When it comes to choosing a device to watch video, smartphones account for 68% of short-form content. The situation changes in favor of desktop devices when viewers watch full-length videos.


    It is also worth mentioning the most popular video distribution channels. Of course, the most popular is YouTube (88%), but right behind is Facebook (76%). Next are LinkedIn (66%) and Instagram (65%). On average, 79% of marketers report the success of video campaigns – although this number varies by platform. The effectiveness of video is also evidenced by the fact that 74% of consumers were convinced to purchase, download software or an app just after watching a video.


    Benefits of video marketing


    Video marketing brings with it a lot of benefits to the company. The first and one of the most important benefits for any business is, of course, increased sales. Presenting potential customers with products through videos gives them an opportunity to see them almost live, and in case of some services, notice the immediate effect. As a result, consumers are more motivated to make a purchase than with a simple photo or description.


    Video content helps consumers better understand a product or service. This reduces the number of phone calls or messages sent via e-mail or chat. Video also makes it easier to cooperate with a customer who hasn’t seen it yet. When a client calls or writes to you with a problem, instead of explaining and describing everything, you can send a message with a video that answers the client’s question and additionally shows a step-by-step solution. Thanks to this both sides save a lot of time. Of course, there are situations in which sending a video does not make sense because it will be better if we take care of fixing the problem ourselves. Therefore, it all depends on the products or services you offer.


    According to research, consumers are twice as likely to share a friend’s video on social media than other types of posts. Hence, the chance to reach new customers increases. Moreover, people take into account opinions and recommendations of their relatives or surroundings. That is why it is worth taking care of using video in advertising campaigns, as well as in marketing activities carried out in social media.


    Video marketing is also a very good way to raise brand awareness and educate consumers. This form of communication shows the company from a completely different – human – side. You can create videos that show you as an expert in a given field. After all, you don’t have to show only the product. The knowledge and tips that you share on your blog or through various other materials can be shared via video. The additional value given to recipients positively influences their engagement and loyalty to your brand.



    Video content marketing – i.e. what kind of content to publish?


    In fact, you can use video to show the world anything you want. You are limited only by your imagination (and possible costs associated with your idea). When creating a video strategy, it is worth considering the types of videos, as well as distribution channels and formats. Lately, live broadcasts have become popular, the main advantage of which is interaction. It provides you with the possibility to answer viewers’ questions right away. You have no idea for video content? Answer a question who are your customers. Analyze the questions they ask as well. If you sell a product, you can show how to use it. If your offer includes services, talk about the process, show the benefits. You can also show moments from your company’s life, using storytelling. It’s also a good idea to brag about the successes of your customers. Remember, it is worth informing your social media followers at least a day before the broadcast.


    Are you offering kitchen utensils? Organize a joint cooking event, during which you will use utensils from your offer. Are you selling cosmetics? Create a series of live shows, during which you will tell how to take care of your skin or apply makeup correctly. Or maybe you’re in the clothing business? Then present proposals for styling in a given season, tell how to combine colors or accessories. If you offer software, applications or other online tools – Show them from the inside, tell about their functions and how they make the user’s life easier. Are your satisfied customers recording videos of themselves recommending your product or service? That is great! Be sure to share such content on your company’s social media profiles. User-generated content is the best promotion of your offer.


    YouTube, Facebook, or maybe Instagram – where to publish video?


    As is often the case in marketing, the answer to this question is that it depends. Of course, YouTube is the most popular channel for publishing video content, and it’s where Internet users most often look for tutorials, webinar recordings, or videos demonstrating a product. Marketing on YouTube will be useful especially if you create longer videos. Note that Internet users usually visit this site when they have more time. However, this does not mean that they will watch the whole video. You need to make sure to arouse their curiosity from the very beginning. A good title that will attract attention is one thing, the other is, of course, interesting and valuable content.


    Facebook ranks just behind YouTube, which rapidly develops the possibilities in the field of video. Live broadcasts enjoy popularity in this service, because they allow even small fanpages to reach a large target group. During a live broadcast, you can see how many people are watching and encourage viewers to ask or answer your questions. If you’re planning a longer live broadcast, let your viewers know about it, this way you’ll increase the chance of reaching more viewers. Once the broadcast is over, you can save it, and then people who couldn’t attend live will be able to replay it at any time.


    When it comes to Instagram, reports, also known as Instastories, are very popular here. These are short pieces of content available on the app for 24 hours that allow you to tell your company’s story. You can save Instastories in featured accounts and then they will be available all the time on your profile. The most popular accounts are those that are creative and aesthetically pleasing. The app allows you to create many types of videos and add different elements to them such as a poll, quiz, countdown or questions to build a bond with your followers and increase their engagement. If you add a video where you talk about something, be sure to add subtitles. Users often watch Instastories while standing in line at the store or riding public transportation. If they don’t have headphones, they’ll skip the video without subtitles.


    Video marketing as an advertisement for products and services


    Using video in online marketing offers many opportunities. Tutorials help people understand your product or service, showing short moments from your business and interacting with your audience increases trust and engagement, and user-generated content is a great way to build social proof. Remember to include a variety of content in your video marketing strategy in order to keep your brand genuine. You don’t have to have professional equipment to make your videos effective. Especially at the beginning of your video adventure, a phone with good camera and a tripod (even one built from a stack of books) will be enough. However, remember about good lighting, as well as preparing all necessary accessories. It’s worth adding that video marketing generates better sales results because it is a more subtle form of advertising. Even when you’re simply showing the product and talking about the benefits of using it, it’s still not as pushy as “Buy Now!” type content.


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