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What conclusions do customers draw from the reviews on Google Maps?

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
21/12/2020 | 5 min read
What conclusions do customers draw from the reviews on Google Maps?

Table of contents

    Development of your own business means facing more and more difficult tasks. It is really easy to lose in the middle of the marketing ratios and reports. Meanwhile an entrepreneur becomes acquainted with more and more advantaged e-commerce issues, consumers are busy with their own lives. No indicator won’t persuade them to behave contrary to basic logic. 

    Sometimes it is worth taking a step back and looking at the situation from the new perspective. Especially if it concerns Google reviews, which are the best expression of the customer satisfaction and strongly affect on search results. So let’s check the customer's thoughts by judging the company based on reviews located under the Google Business Card. 


    Only positive Google reviews


    A situation as desirable as not very realistic. Obviously there are companies with 5 stars, but usually they are small enterprises, which have not yet managed to collect negative opinions under their business card. The customer will consider the potential transaction as certain risk, if only a few reviews are visible under your Google Business Card. Therefore, it is imperative not to endorse a rating, but rather to choose a score between 4.5 - 4.8 ratings.

    Put the strong emphasis on gathering positive reviews of which the average is counted. 


    A lot of stars on the opinion, few comments


    Companies that are not too outspoken are not really trusted. High rate doesn’t tell anything about your service. A person who is considering the use of your services would like to get more information, than only confirmation that generally everything works properly. It is worth encouraging buyers to provide feedback. Reviews are the best tool for positioning the Google business card in the search engine.


    A lot of positive opinions from Google, as many negative ones


    Upon seeing such a business card, the customer feels completely lost. Client would like to learn more about the company, so he checks the comments in the first step. 


    Now guess, which entries does he pay attention to in the first place - positive or negative? Something had alerted him. So he'll want to find out what's wrong with your business. Thus, it will be on a straight path to give up your goods or services.


    What you can do? Get more positive Google feedback. Over time, the opinions of dissatisfied customers will be only a small fraction of the total.


    No reviews in Google Maps


    It is a really disturbing signal for customers. In such a situation, the consumer is likely to turn on his heel and go straight into the arms of the competition. Why? Because he prefers proven companies. Because he wants someone to dispel his doubts. If you do not respond to his needs, you may not see him again.


    No Google My Business Profile


    The company doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter if the company has an attractive office in the city center or how many employees it has. If the company is not available on the Internet, it means that is not worth any attention. No Google Business Card means that company invests in outdated solutions and completely falls short of buyers' expectations. 



    How does the user recognize false reviews? Is it worth removing negative reviews?


    Business owners usually spend a lot of time trying to remove negative Google reviews. It is not always worthwhile. Obviously, you have to fight false opinions, issued by people who have never been your customers. You should also report to Google any situations in which a single person or business provides reviews from multiple accounts.


    However, Internet users have been in it for a long time. They are alert to any artificiality in the comments. They know your competitors can write reviews. And they don't always take such reviews seriously. Especially if you take care of one important thing. For a reaction.


    Replies to comments may encourage your customers to add feedback on Google


    As long as your answer is well thought and professional, it may be the best part of advertisement. Always remember that it will be read not only by the person who posted the review, but also by your future customers.


    So use the text box under the Google review to show how much you appreciate customer satisfaction. Thank them quickly for the positive recommendations, and also for negative comments with full sincerity. Suggest the solution to the problem and don’t hesitate to draw conclusions from negative opinions, that lead to the improvement of your business.


    By acting in this way, you will show that you are one of the leading entrepreneurs in your industry and you do not turn your back on the customer, if something goes wrong. 


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