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Content marketing – how to create valuable content for online store

Katarzyna Chomąt
09/09/2021 | 5 min read
Content marketing – how to create valuable content for online store

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    Content is king, you may have already met with these phrases and the term content marketing. Perhaps you already write blog entries, create infographics or videos, you are satisfied with them, but you do not see the effects of such actions. This is why you should check how to create unique content and win over your clients’ hearts.


    What is content marketing?


    Content marketing is about distributing valuable content to your audience, which can take many forms. The most common forms are company blog entries, industry or customer guides, as well as videos, infographics, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, reports, etc. aimed at providing recipients with the information they are looking for or knowledge from experts in a particular industry. Brands usually choose to publish content on their own blogs, social media, and industry-related websites.


    Content marketing strategy


    Content marketing is a process and a long-term strategy that involves regularly publishing content that meets the needs of your audience. The benefits of such a strategy can definitely include:

    • publishing attractive content,
    • gaining the trust of clients,
    • building the image of an expert in your field,
    • branding among existing and potential customers,
    • positioning in search results,
    • increasing conversions, when the recipient performs the desired action on the website.


    How to determine which content is valuable?


    Certainly the ones that provide the audience with answers to their questions or dispel their doubts. In order to always create attractive content, specific actions should be taken. Creating a strategy should be preceded by an audit of existing content, SEO audit, characterization of the target audience and competitive analysis. It is also necessary to determine the goal of your strategy (e.g. increasing search engine visibility for a specific phrase), determine the type of content and distribution channels, and then create a publication calendar and proceed to create content.


    Content marketing and SEO


    As already mentioned, content is also important due to search engine positioning. Unique, valuable and linguistically correct content is a very important ranking factor for Google, affecting the visibility of a website in search results. Before you start creating content, you should check what information your target audience is looking for. For this purpose, it is worth using tools such as keyword planner in Google Ads or Answer The Public.


    Creating content that addresses the needs of new clients will increase traffic to your website. In addition to naturally embedding keywords into the text, you should also pay attention to headings and the optimization of graphics and images (ALT description containing the key phrase and the file name). Published texts should be updated from time to time, for example by adding additional information or refreshing the statistics contained in the text.


    Converting content in an online store


    In addition to expert content on the blog, materials published in social media and advertising campaigns, there are plenty of elements on the store’s website that can contribute to an increase in conversions. To the converting content includes:

    • product descriptions – descriptions are a very important element of every online store, hence the products should be described in the language of benefits (what the client will gain if he buys the product), and not only contain product data;
    • product reviews – opinions of people who bought the product, located on the product subpage;
    • store reviews – opinions of your clients can effectively convince others to choose your store, it is enough to display ratings and opinions using a widget on the main page of the store or a product subpage;
    • FAQ – the most frequently asked questions by your customers with your answers;
    • product calculations – content that shows how much the client can save by buying products in a bundle, promotional offer or pre-order.


    Content marketing – summary


    Content marketing is one of the most important elements of marketing strategy bringing long-lasting effects, of course, if it is skillfully planned. Only well-prepared content increases visibility in search engines. This is why it’s so important to know the needs and pains of your audience and analyze the content activities of your brand and your competitors. It is also very important to include in the content strategy different forms of content and distribution channels.


    You should also keep in mind the content within the online store website and take care of good product descriptions, as well as consider other options, e.g. widgets with store and product reviews. At Rating Captain, you will find a number of tools that will support converting content in your store. You can use our widgets and display product reviews. In turn, through in-depth analysis of the reviews you receive, you will get to know your clients better, which is very important when creating a content publishing strategy.

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