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Is it worth buying reviews? 4 exceptions to the rule

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
27/07/2022 | 4 min read
Is it worth buying reviews? 4 exceptions to the rule

Table of contents

    From all accounts, you hear that there is no point in buying reviews. And yet these offers from review sellers look so tempting... Nothing more than a payment is needed and your company gains a leading position in the market immediately. Ordering reviews is simple, the price list is transparent, and the platform is easy to use.


    Do you want to know if it's worth buying reviews at least in certain cases? Of course, it is. Check out the 4 exceptions to the iron principle that it is worth investing only in reviews from real customers.


    When you really don't like your boss and don't have the courage to quit your job


    You know very well that this is cheap behavior. However, you have a hard time admitting that you simply lack the willingness to take responsibility for your own life. The salary is on your account every month, and the boss is a sleazebag. Therefore, you decide to make him pay what he should after hours.


    You find a website where reviews are treated as a tradable commodity. You buy a package and choose the target platform. And then you watch quietly from afar while your manager walks as angry as a wasp. You enjoy this quiet aggression.


    When you believe you have a brilliant range of products and great shipping


    And no one will convince you otherwise. You assume that your company is the best in the world. For sure it must be your competition that is writing negative reviews. You have no desire in checking if they're coming from someone who actually has taken advantage of your offer.


    Such a course of action leads to those negative reviews coming up again and again. However, you have no intention of worrying about this. End of story.


    Every time you want to drive your customers toward the competition


    It's hard to imagine why this would be your dream. Maybe you have too many customers and you want to eventually go on the vacation of your dreams. So you buy reviews, and they are fast-flowing into your business page. As a result, you start an intriguing and full of twists correspondence with Google. 


    The exchange of emails leads to the closing of your Google My Business account. You leave for the Maldives to finally rest. You will later think about what to do next.


    When you are open to communicating with a difficult client


    This issue is associated with an unbounded belief in the perfection of our own offer and the method of its delivery. Could be it's simply in your element to argue. Since you're not taking into account any negative reviews, you're standing still. And people keep complaining about the same things, which gives you the opportunity to argue endlessly.


    And no, you won't change the carrier, although many of your shipments arrive literally in pieces. The owner of the courier company is your old friend. You will not break the contract with him, and damaged packages are not your problem.


    You know full well if it's worth buying reviews. What's the alternative?


    As you can see, the above-mentioned cases are unlikely to concern people who take their business seriously. Instead of taking risks, you can use a solution that is completely moral. You can start using the application that manages reviews from real customers.


    The Rating Captain app not only collects all the existing reviews from the places you indicate. It also analyzes the sentiment of comments with the content and indicates the most common problems your customers encounter. This gives you the opportunity to improve the quality of your services according to a priority list. Aside from that, the algorithm will show you how to react to new reviews and how to effectively request new ones from the customers.


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