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How to take care of good reviews about the company?

Katarzyna Chomąt
08/11/2021 | 5 min read
How to take care of good reviews about the company?

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    One of the bases for building a positive image of the company is to obtain reviews. What is more, as research shows, 83% of consumers claim that they trust recommendations of friends and family completely or to some extent. In turn, 66% of people believe reviews published on the Internet. Find out what power lies in consumer reviews and get to the next level of online reputation management.


    Company reviews – why are they so important?


    Reviews about the company constitute a social proof. Consumers often do not want to take risks (especially when ordering online), so they reach for offers that have already been used by many satisfied customers. You, on the other hand, can get a lot of useful information from buyers’ comments and ratings. What is more, by asking for feedback and responding to it, you show your customers that you care.


    Good company reviews not only draw the attention of potential customers, but also potential employees. A person who is looking for a job will certainly check the reviews about the future employer not only in the services intended for this purpose, but also on review sites or in social media.


    The power of customer reviews – some statistics


    The fact that consumer reviews play a huge role for any business is best evidenced by the numbers:


    • Companies listed on at least 3 review sites earn 36% more.
    • Consumers who see a brand’s response are 186% more likely to buy than those who don’t. 
    • Consumers are skeptical of companies that only have positive reviews in their business profile, resulting in 5 stars, so your goal should not be to achieve the maximum rating, but rather to maintain a score between 4.5 – 4.8 stars.



    On which portals do customers most often add company reviews?


    In the era of universal access to the Internet, comments on a given company can be written actually anywhere. There are many websites, but the most popular place is Google Maps. Therefore, each company should create its own business profile in Google My Business and then, thanks to the reviews, build an advantage over the competition. 


    As mentioned earlier, the company should be present on at least three review sites. Of course, their choice depends on the industry, sales channels and many other factors. You can read more about the most popular platforms here.


    Is the customer always right?


    Nobody is infallible. What’s more, a dissatisfied client is usually just indignant, wants to quickly share his impressions, so often does not even think about the situation. However, when the company takes appropriate steps, shows interest and offers a solution, the buyer often realizes that he spoke too harshly about the company.


    Internet user comments should be approached as if they were tips. Despite the agitation that may arise after reading a negative review, consider whether the reviewer is wrong. Maybe your company actually needs to work on customer service? Or maybe your product is not as good as you think and needs to be improved? Maybe you need to look at which part of the customer path needs to be changed? These are just some of the questions you can answer by analyzing negative feedback about your company.


    How to respond to negative reviews?


    A company without negative feedback is like a soldier without a rifle… Therefore, do not be afraid that an unflattering comment will destroy your image. Yes, it can happen if you do not take any steps. Remember that a dissatisfied client wants to be heard, so the worst thing you can do is not react. Instead of taking offense at the client, thank them for their feedback and apologize for the incident, even if it’s not entirely your fault. This will alleviate the situation from the start and show that you care about resolving the issue. Then offer a solution. But don’t reveal all the details until the conversation moves to a private e-mail or phone call. Why? Simple, there are a lot of “bargain hunters” out there who will try to extort compensation from you when they see you offering it to unsatisfied clients.


    Use Rating Captain service and enjoy good reviews in portals


    Rating Captain is an application with a staff of experts in various fields. We will help you get feedback from your clients to increase sales, stay ahead of the competition and rank first in Google maps. You can show off your reviews on your website or online store using widgets. The application will notify you of each new review, thus you will be able to react quickly, which is very important in case of negative reviews. What’s more, thanks to artificial intelligence, Rating Captain will show you how dissatisfied the client is, making it easier for you to mediate. Don’t hesitate, sign up now!

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