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Reputation measurement - an introduction to company reputation indicators

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
14/12/2023 | 5 min read
Reputation measurement - an introduction to company reputation indicators

Table of contents

    Customer satisfaction survey can be conducted both by phone and online. It is worth knowing that the latter method is considered less invasive. Customers can answer questions at their convenience. They feel that they have a choice. Apparently, the situation looks similar during a phone conversation. However, it turns out that in the assessment of consumer surveys, phone surveys are more often perceived as a form of aggressive advertising.


    That is why a customer satisfaction survey of your product, service quality, and overall contact with your brand should become a permanent element in your company. Based on the collected data, you can analyze the needs of your customers. This way, you will understand them better. The answers will also allow you to measure loyalty and satisfaction using various marketing indicators such as NPS, CSI, and others.


    Why is it worth conducting an active customer satisfaction survey?


    It would seem that in the age of widespread internet access, there is no need to ask customers questions. After all, they willingly share their opinions online. So why take the initiative?


    There are several important reasons for this. By asking questions, you can make the customer feel important. They will understand that their opinion matters. They will receive a clear message that you will always listen to them willingly. Just that alone convinces them that they are dealing with a professional. In addition, you gather information that you can use in practice. Not to mention that you choose the control group yourself.


    What can you learn from a customer satisfaction survey?


    The key to creating an effective product and customer service satisfaction survey is asking the right questions. Before creating them, think about what information you want to obtain. This way, you will act in a planned manner. The survey can provide answers to many important questions.


    • What general impression does your brand make on customers?
    • Who is your competition and why?
    • What is the decision-making process for your customers?
    • How do buyers learn about your existence?
    • What are the most important needs of your customers?
    • Do the products you offer actually solve their problems?
    • Is your way of doing business in line with consumer expectations?
    • Is the quality of customer service satisfactory? What can be improved?
    • Which stage of product distribution needs improvement?
    • Are your customers willing to recommend you to their friends?


    Each of these pieces of information can be translated into specific actions. From a simple survey, you extract data that allows you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. From there, it's a straight path to effective advertising and better alignment of actions with customer needs.


    reputation measurement


    Customer satisfaction survey - examples of valuable questions


    Of course, your customers may not be interested in marketing. That is why the survey must be carefully thought out. Some questions can be asked directly. Others require some tact. It is obvious to the customer that you will ask if they would recommend you. You can also openly ask how they liked working with your company.


    For these types of questions, a point-based answer on a scale of 0 to 10 is sufficient. This has two basic benefits. The buyer can answer them quickly. This way, you show that you respect their time. Secondly, the obtained results can be easily analyzed and provide reliable results.


    You can also check the level of customer satisfaction by asking open-ended questions


    You have a lot of room to maneuver here. Remember to formulate the satisfaction survey of your product or service in such a way as to let the customer know that their well-being is a priority. Show that you care about your own development. Indicate that this goal involves providing even better products and higher quality service in the future.


    It is worth surprising customers. Therefore, openly ask about your weaknesses. Ask what they would like to see in your offer but haven't found. Find out if, in the customers' opinion, the price of your products is adequate to their value. Learn which features they consider useless.


    The questions can also relate to your brand or website. Ask where the customer learned about your company and what convinced them to make a purchase. Make sure your website is clear and easy to find the necessary information on. Gently refer to competition by asking if the customer has used similar products in the past. Also ask if your employees were able to provide comprehensive answers to all the questions asked.


    An outraged respondent will always tell you the truth. Even if it's not pleasant


    Remember not to limit the survey to satisfied customers of your products. Customers who have been disappointed with your company can provide you with the most valuable information. Do you want to know if you can compensate them for any inconvenience? Tell them. The fact alone can improve your reputation in their eyes. Also ask them for initiative. Clarify what they would change about your product if they could.


    This way, you can turn an unsatisfied customer into a returning buyer. Even if that doesn't happen, you will gain valuable information that cannot be obtained in any other way.

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