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How to get positive Google Maps reviews?

Agnieszka Szczepanowska
27/10/2020 | 4 min read
How to get positive Google Maps reviews?

Table of contents

    Do you want to run a successful business? You need to know how to acquire customers. What will make them come to you on their own? Positive Google Maps reviews. Who gives reviews on platforms owned by Google? Buyers.


    Notice the correlation! In this way, a kind of perpetual motion machine is created, enabling the development of your business. You just need to know how to set it in motion.


    To buy reviews? It’s bad advice. Never follow it!


    Buying reviews is not fair. What’s worse, it’s not effective either. Of course, you’ll have a temporary effect. But you won’t learn anything from it and you’ll quickly disappoint expectations. A disappointed customer is very likely to give you a negative review. The process of buying feedback will have to be repeated endlessly.


    In short, this is a road to nowhere. Never use it.


    Ask for Google Maps reviews


    You can ask for Google Maps reviews in several ways. If you run a stationary establishment, you can put stickers on the door thanking people for visiting and asking for reviews. Similar content can be placed on a flyer or on a restaurant menu. However, online requests are the most effective. Find a place for them on your company’s website. Also, send customers an email with a satisfaction survey.


    Automate your feedback acquisition


    Every request should be professional, of course. Don’t suggest to buyers that you expect a positive Google review. It is better to say that you want to constantly improve the quality of your services, so you are interested in their review.


    You can design the form sent in such a way that it suggests different actions to satisfied and dissatisfied customers. The former should be redirected to the feedback page. With a disappointed customer, you need to continue the conversation until their problem is solved.


    Make it easy to post reviews on Google


    Above all, do everything you can to ensure that giving a positive Google review requires one click from the customer. You can generate a short link to your business profile or add a redirect button to the survey. This will help prevent Google Map users from having to spend more than a minute on this activity.


    Send a request for feedback at a good time. Customers still need to remember you when they receive it. At the same time, you should give them a moment to test the product. Of course, in case of services you can send the request right away.


    Bet on effective positioning of your Google My Business profile


    Also, make sure that your Google My Business profile is well visible in search results. You can achieve this through extensive SEO efforts. This way, people who want to find you in the search engine will do so without any problem. Many of them will immediately go to your profile on Google Maps. You can direct others there by including a link to your Google Maps business profile on your company website.


    Positive Google reviews are influenced by your professionalism


    Of course, no company will get positive reviews if it does not meet the requirements of its customers. Therefore, as soon as possible determine what in your business needs immediate improvement. Take care of the quality of your goods and services. Provide buyers with great service. Surprise them by offering more than your competitors.


    Do you have negative reviews on Google Maps? React!


    Don’t be outraged. Don’t take feedback from disgruntled customers personally. Don’t deny it. Apologize for the inconvenience, identify the difficulty they encountered and offer a solution. This is the easiest way to change consumers’ reviews about your company. And as a result, get them to change a review with few stars into a more favorable comment.


    Put all the above tips into practice. With the Rating Captain app it will be much easier than you imagine.

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