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5 ways to support Public Relations with Rating Captain and reputation management!

Hanna Bernikova
11/12/2023 | 6 min read
5 ways to support Public Relations with Rating Captain and reputation management!

Table of contents

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    PR activities, or Public Relations, are responsible for the business communication of your brand, creating the company's image and building trust with the audience. PR marketing helps improve the reputation of your company and strengthen its relationships with the environment. Find out how marketing and PR activities create a positive brand image and attract potential customers.


    What is Public Relations?


    Have you ever thought about how you choose a company among many others? What criteria do you use when making your choice? We have the answer to this question! Consumers often pay attention to the company's image because everyone wants to use the best service or product. It is of great importance what buyers think about your brand, which is why it is worth conducting PR campaigns.


    Public Relations - marketing activities that involve building a comprehensive social communication strategy with the company's environment. The main goal of PR is to promote and protect the prestige and image of the brand.


    As already explained above, proper PR activities positively influence the development and promotion of the company, as well as building strong trust among the audience. But the question arises - In which direction should you act to make your company a leader in its field? PR trends are implemented by PR or marketing agencies that specialize in this area. To effectively build relationships with customers, it is worth imitating popular trends and creating appropriate content. The main marketing trends in PR are:


    • Employer branding, which involves building a positive employer image from the perspective of a potential employee.
    • Anti Fake, in other words, gaining popularity of authentic, "original" content marketing and events.
    • Media relations - proper communication with the media, which is important for building brand awareness in society.
    • Even more valuable and valuable content. Content marketing activities online, through email or in social media must be of high quality: they should not only contain important information for the customer, but also be presented attractively (in line with your visual identity).


    Public Relations


    5 ways to support PR?


    The concept of Public Relations may sound complicated to implement in your company. Of course, PR agencies' specialists can easily carry out these activities. But don't worry, the owner or manager of the company can also do it themselves. In such a case, it is worth paying attention to special tools and learning ways to comprehensively support Public Relations. The main helper in building the company's image is the opinion, more precisely collecting comments on the Internet. One of the most convenient applications for managing opinions is Rating Captain. Read the tips that can not only promote your brand, but also increase sales.


    #Encourage leaving comments


    Did you know that reviews are one of the most effective ways to strengthen relationships with consumers? Up to 97% of customers read recommendations before making online purchases, both positive and negative. To increase your customers' trust level and increase sales by 36% through comments, the company should be registered on at least 3 opinion-forming portals, such as Opineo, Ceneo, Allegro, Google, Facebook, TrapAdvisor. The more profiles a company has, the greater the chance of receiving reviews and the greater the visibility of the brand online. But at the same time, this makes monitoring comments a more difficult task. You can make this task easier by using the aforementioned Rating Captain tool. This application has functionalities that allow you to collect opinions from all portals in one place, which means that you can save a lot of time. Additionally, the tool helps personalize invitations and encourage customers to leave reviews about the company.


    #Communicate with customers


    The second important aspect of Public Relations is communication with customers. It is worth remembering that customer relationships are built over a long period of time - months, and sometimes even years. If your goal is to build trust and make customers return to your services and products instead of switching to the competition, you must always respond to every review and comment left by the consumer. Everyone wants to feel important, so make sure that the customer wants to be served only by your company. Regardless of the length of the comment or its content - respond, let the recipient know that they are the most important in the life of your business. Rating Captain will help you get to know your customers' expectations better through a feature that analyzes the sentiment of each review and indicates aspects that can be improved. Read more about customer service here.


    #Be professional


    Unfortunately, customers sometimes leave negative recommendations, but don't be afraid to respond to them. You already know that everyone wants to be respected and listened to, so it is worth taking care of proper responses to reviews with negative ratings. Do not delete customer responses, even if they contain many negatives about the company. More than 50% of consumers try to find at least a few reviews that mention the brand's weaknesses, which helps them make a purchasing decision. Additionally, negative recommendations point out management mistakes that are worth correcting. To make the customer satisfied or to make them return to you even after a critical situation, you must show yourself as a professional. When responding to unfavorable ratings, remain calm, apologize, and take care of resolving the problem.


    #Regularly analyze your actions


    Every company changes every day, and to track its results, it is worth conducting a monthly analysis. Public Relations requires not only monitoring the results but also recording the factors that have caused these results. The Rating Captain application has a ready-made solution in the form of a dashboard, where information about the quantity and quality of reviews, as well as how you compare to the competition, is presented in the form of a diagram. Additionally, the sentiment of comments will tell you how satisfied or dissatisfied the customer is, making it much easier to tailor communication content to the customer.


    #Build trust in your brand


    Remember that the main goal of PR is to build positive associations with your brand, customer loyalty, and a good image. Trust is built not only by responding to reviews but also by presenting them to potential consumers. There are various ways to demonstrate them, mainly through posts and stories on social media. Not long ago, another method appeared that allows you to boast about your company's rating and strengthen its prestige - widgets on the website. Widgets allow customers, when visiting the company's website, to check your rating or comments, in other words, find out if they can trust you. Widgets are one of the innovative functionalities of Rating Captain.





    Public Relations is a technique that will help you communicate with customers, promote your brand, and create a company's image. Remember that PR campaigns can be conducted both with the help of specialized marketing agencies and by using your own resources. It is best to use both solutions and influence PR with double effectiveness.

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